10 LinkedIn WordPress Plugins to Win New Customers
December 6th, 2018 in Wordpress |

Want to bring more users from LinkedIn to your WordPress site? LinkedIn is a popular social networking platform for professionals, which means it has a different and often very focused user base. In this article, we will show you 10 LinkedIn WordPress plugins to win new customers.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn also offers its own social plugins. These plugins allow you to drop in LinkedIn functionality into your WordPress site without using a third-party plugin.

You can visit LinkedIn Developers Network website to find the list of plugins that you can add to your website.


Adding these plugins to your WordPress site is very easy. We will show you how to connect LinkedIn to your WordPress site.

1. WP LinkedIn


WP LinkedIn allows you to showcase your basic LinkedIn profile on your WordPress site. It also works for multi-user WordPress sites with the help of a paid extension. There is also an extension to add LinkedIn for companies features to your WordPress site.

2. LinkedIn Master


LinkedIn Master comes with handy widgets that allow you to display your LinkedIn profile in WordPress sidebar. You will still have to generate the code from LinkedIn Developer’s Network website for your member profile widget. The plugin also comes with a paid version which offers company profile, company insider, available jobs, and alumni widgets.

3. LinkedIn Auto Publish


As the name suggests, LinkedIn Auto Publish allows you to publish posts from your WordPress site to your LinkedIn profile as status updates. You will need to create a LinkedIn App to get a client ID and a secret key. After adding those keys to the plugin’s settings page, you will need to authorize your website to access information on your LinkedIn account.

Once you have set up the plugin, you can automatically share your posts with your LinkedIn profile. The plugin will use your post title, excerpt, and featured image in the status update.

4. Atom LinkedIn


This simple plugin provides widget and shortcodes to add LinkedIn buttons and badges to your WordPress site. Simply drag and drop Atom LinkedIn widget to a sidebar and then choose what you want to display. Currently, the plugin displays company and member profile, a company insider, and jobs.

5. LinkedIn Login


As the name suggests, this plugin adds a login with the LinkedIn feature to your WordPress site. Similar to Login with Facebook and Twitter, this allows your users to quickly register and login using their LinkedIn profile.

6. RDP LinkedIn Login


RDP LinkedIn Login provides a login with the LinkedIn feature with extra capabilities. It allows users to register using their LinkedIn account. You can add companies that users will automatically start following upon registration.

7. LinkedIn Company Updates


LinkedIn Company Updates allows you to display company updates from your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress website. It uses a shortcode to display company updates with a number of options. Advanced users can also display updates in their theme files using PHP.

8. GD LinkedIn Badge


If all you want to do is to add a LinkedIn profile badge, then GD LinkedIn Badge provides an easier way to do this. The plugin comes with a widget that you can add to your sidebar to display a LinkedIn profile as a button or a badge.

9. Linkedin Connections to WP Users


LinkedIn Connections to WP Users allows you to import your LinkedIn connections into WordPress and add them as subscribers. Additionally, you can choose to send login details to imported users.

10. Floating Social Bar


If you want to a LinkedIn Share button to your WordPress site, then Floating Social Bar is the perfect solution for that. It adds a social sharing menu on top/bottom of your posts and pages. Unlike other social media plugins which come with tons of options, Floating Social Bar just works.

We hope this article helped you find the best LinkedIn WordPress plugins for your site.