Customize Your WordPress Theme

In this post, Tracey Jones explains 6 different ways to Customize Your WordPress Theme. Using Chrome Developer Tools, WordPress Customizer, Action hooks and more In this blog post, Tracey Jones is going to explain different ways to customize WordPress theme, although we have already published many tutorials about theme customization, in this article, you will […]

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How To Make Your Website Secure


Sophos labs have found that around 30000+ new websites are hacked every day. In this tutorial, You will learn How to make your website secure and safe from the hacker. We have listed 10 best WordPress security tips. WordPress is now powering millions of websites. It is very easy to build 30+ different type of websites […]

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Find WordPress Theme Website Using


Find WordPress Theme Website Using. Sometimes you visit a website and love the design of that website. You instantly want to know what WordPress theme that specific website is using. Normally most websites are using WordPress as their core platform because of its popularity, advanced features and ease of use. Today I am going to […]

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WordPress Tutorial For Developers


40+ WordPress Tutorial For Developers To Learn Basic And Advanced Techniques. Want to customize your WordPress theme, customize your dashboard area for clients, learn plugin or theme development these WordPress Tutorial For Developers will help you learn new skills. In this article, I am going to share a list of some best WordPress tutorial for developers. […]

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How To Make Extra Money


In this post, Diana Clark is going to discuss how to make extra money with blogging. Blogging was a joke to most of the world not so long ago. People perceived blogging as a diversion from everyday problems or a hobby to kill free hours. Today, however, the perception of blogger has changed dramatically. Blogging […]

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8 Simple Editing And Writing Tips


8 Simple Editing And Writing Tips:- As a blogger, you are prone to grammatical errors, after all, you’re not perfect. In this article, we will attempt to show you how you can proofread your work without any hustle. It can be difficult to trace your work as you write but thanks to the world of […]

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