10 Most Effective Content Marketing Tips for SEO Services
April 25th, 2018 in SEO |

Content is the King of Digital Marketing. So you have to be very accurate & specific about Content marketing. In our SEO Services company we give huge importance on Content quality & marketing also. Here are top 10 Content marketing tips from Top SEO Company in India.

  1. Publish Best Quality Content:

Only post fresh & high value Content which is related to your services/products. Try to target your specific customers/clients in different suitable platform. Do not post a lot of low quality Content which do not have value for your customers. Look for quality not for quantity. Content should be excellent which stand outside of crowd. Accept all factors like expenses, time, and efforts to overcome all barriers for success. As SEO Services provider in India we give special attention on this point.

  1. Evaluate the Success:

    Content marketing is a important point for seo services. You have to post fresh & unique contents to achieve good ranking in SERP. As you spending lot of time & money, you should evaluate your content marketing with different tools. You can use Google Analytics to measure success in content marketing. Social Share & attention metrics such as scroll depth is more important. It can be measured by using Chartbeat. For more knowledge about content marketing metrics and how to measure them, read the in-depth guide by Larry Kim. (Founder word stream)
  1. Story Telling: I do believe that storytelling is a critical qualification for an experienced content writer. Brand storytelling is an effective way of reaching to your new customers/followers. It is not true that you have to be a storyteller but every piece of content should be fresh, unique, inspiring & engaging.
    Is not it?

4. Be Bold & Speak: Be bold & speak your mind so that your reader will appreciate your writing. It will make a difference from others common contents & would be more authentic. As an Delano Digital seo services in india we always focus on this point strongly.

  1. Put Keywords in your content:Put targeted keywords in your content. Some content writers do not bother about keywords but in case of seo services it is necessary to put keywords in contents to have proper ranking in seo services. Before posting blogs, check full content to use keywords properly for seo services.
  2. Content with Good supportive Data: Content with good supportive data for your argument is great. People like to go through this type content. Use latest data or statistics to add value to your content. You can use also links to that supportive data pages.
  1. Ensure Your Contents work for Your Brand: Content marketing is a great way to make popular your Brand or Services. Developing Brand voice is a challenging job through content marketing. Most SEO Company are very much serious about this point.
  2. Avoid Coping Others Blogs:

Always write own type of blogs. Avoid copying from others. Use your self-experiences in those subjects. Always take time to create a unique & fresh blog which have something to inspire readers & they can be fascinated by your writing.

  1. Better writing for Blogs: All blog writers should improve their writing regularly going through different topics & mainly from some good books. Bloggers should invest more time & effort to improve their writing skills. Better content attracts more readers or followers which in a long run can be your clients/customers for your business.
  2. Answer Questions related to your content:

Google featured snippet is an important area to generate traffics for your business. You have to answer a complex question & if it appears in featured Snippet then there will be a great chance of having a good amount of traffic for your business.

Now start content marketing with your targeted customers & relevant platforms. Content marketing still has a great value in SEPR & Brand reputation also. So start with a nice planning to market contents which are really valuable to your clients. Focus on quality content, not on quantity.

Happy Content Marketing!