13 Best Premium & Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins For 2018
May 18th, 2018 in Wordpress |

In this article, sarah Clark is going to list 11 best and most popular WordPress live chat plugins. All these plugins are up-to-date and you can use these plugins to help your customers easily.

Online Chat can be one of the major assets for an E-commerce website if used in a planned way.

A research had recently shown that 67% of the customers leave their online carts and abandon the website just because they didn’t get any answers to their questions.

For an Ecommerce website, this can be a major setback, because they just don’t lose a customer but also help their rivals to get one.

So, it’s just like -1 to them and +1 to his rival website which increases the stake of losing a business opportunity.

Every customer wants their query to be answered. No one even including you as a customer wants their questions left unanswered. WordPress knows the gravity of this situation.

There are loads of live chat plugins through which one can not only tackle situations like this but also can gain the trust of a buyer and convert him as a long-term potential customer.

Let’s have a look on the top 11 live chat plugins offered by WordPress.

Premium WordPress Live Chat Plugins

1. LiveChat – 30 Day Free Trail

LiveChat chat window customization

How does LiveChat work?

Imagine that you want to buy a pair of running shoes. You enter a shoe store’s website and you find a model you’d like to buy, but your size is out of stock.

Obviously, you’d like to know when your size will be available. Wouldn’t be great if you could ask your question immediately, without making phone calls or writing emails?

Live Chat Software

Luckily, it is possible with live chat software. All you need to do is to click on a chat icon and you can instantly chat with an agent! You get your help immediately, without phone costs and without waste of time!

LiveChat allows you to chat with customer service in a flash. You don’t need to install any software. All you need to have is a computer and internet connection! Easy, isn’t it? Imagine how pleased will be your clients!

Make customers’ life easier and use customer service software from LiveChat!!

Chatting is way faster than the phone and email communication. It’s very simple and easy to handle several chats by using LiveChat. Sign up today for a free trial!

2. WordPress Chat X Plugin


It is an open source live chat plugin, with no monthly fee, however, you do have to pay a one-time fee for one website.

  • This plugin supports up to 100 users at a time (ideally 10 operators and 90 visitors).
  • Fully customizable skin, clean coding, lightweight and fast,
  • SSL supported, email notification when a new user is online.
  • Social links, End Chat link, polylang support for translation, and post chat pop-up are some of its features that make it an effective live chat plugin.

3. WordPress Live Chat Plugin


It is also an open source plugin with clean coding.

  • With a one time fee, it allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites.
  • It empowers you to to create your own operators.
  • One of the best things I found in this plugin is more than one operator can reply to the same user.
  • Contact forms, Email notifications, and fully customizable skin are the salient features of WordPress Live Chat Plugin.

4. WP Flat Visual Chat – Live Chat & Remote View


If you want to visually aid your customer/visitor, then that will be the best thing coz Visually guiding can not only increase the number of new customers but also the loyalty of your existing customers. WP Flat Visual Chat- Plugin is just the tool for this task.

  • This plugin enables you to use their unique remote desktop viewer inside the chat box and take your customer support to the next level.
  • With its comprehensive chat options, you can modify the text to match your brand or business KPIs. And you know what, for this, no coding is required (:-D).
  • For team management, you can transfer chats. It is coded with Real-Time Ajax chat, which makes it very effective. Fully customized colors, Multilingual, pre-programmed sentences, Ip detection, Import/Export data tools are some of its many features.

Free WordPress Chat Plugins

Both free and premium WordPress live chat plugins are available, Here is a list of best free chat plugins for WordPress users.

5. Chatra Live Chat + Cart Saver

chatra WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Chatra Live Chat + Cart Saver is a perfect plugin that enables you to manage the chat with your customer and helps your customer to save their carts.

As a result, it gives you more opportunity for customer retention, new acquisition, and better customer service.

Let’s talk about its features.

  • It enables you to proactively contact a customer who stuck on the checkout page.
  • With Live Typing insights, you can see your customer’s message even before they send it to you. It’s just like a heads up to your side.
  • It also enables you to know your customers. By Chatra, you will know where your customer is right now on your page, which device and OS they are using. It’s crucial to know all this to give a perfect solution without annoying the customer.
  • It is a free forever plan or you can choose $14 per agent per month if you have multiple chat agents.

6. Tawk.To WordPress Live Chat Plugin

tawkto-live-chat WordPress plugin

It is 100% free live chat plugin. It helps you to manage and monitor the chats with your customer.

  • It is accessible from both computer and mobile.
  • It is specially designed to increase feasibility factor of a website, as this plugin enables you to manage the online customer engagement with fusing multiple websites and agents under single dashboard interface.
  • I recommend this plugin because it is free, even with so many features. Give it a try now.

7. Drift

drift live chat plugin

Most of the visitors leave your website without any actions. A live chat plugin like Drift can convert visitors to customers and customers to potential assets. With live chat plugin like Drift, you can increase inbound leads by 200%.

  • Drift also enables you to send in-app messages which can increase the reachability of your messages. Most of the time the emails send by you left closed. With in-app messages, you can effectively communicate with your visitor to motivate him to make a sale.
  • If you have a small team, Drift enables you an offline mode where your visitor can leave the message and when you’re back online, you can simply revert them back. So, try Drift, a real-time live chat plugin and increase your business.

8. My Live Chat


With My Live Chat you can chat with your visitor (obviously).

  • You can monitor site traffic and analyze the web activities of a web user along with info related to their search engine and keyword usage.
  • For My Live Chat, you don’t need any hardware to install and can work on it instantly.
  • It comes in two varieties, one is a FREE version which is limited to one agent and one department while the second one is PREMIUM version.
  • My Live Chat is powered by Cute Chat, which is one of the most reliable chat engines. With this plugin, you can host hundreds of chat rooms.

This is one the best live chat plugin as it enables you to customize the window to match it on your website. My Live Chat is highly recommended by Most of the WordPress pundits.

9. Zendesk Chat


This is the best live chat plugin of all time. Previously, known as “Zopim”, this plugin is an ideal live chat app.

  • It is mobile optimized, enables your customer to chat easily on any device. With the help of Triggers, this app facilitates you to chat with every user which increases the chances of sales and high-value engagement.
  • Their advanced Analytics dashboard empower you to monitor visitor’s flow and lets you jump in instantly if any customer stuck on your page.
  • With the average uptime of 99.8%, it is one of the best live chat plugins for your WordPress site.

10. Live Chat By Formilla – Real-Time Chat Plugin


If you’re looking for a free live chat plugin, Formilla can be a wonderful choice. Some of the key features of using this plugin are,

  • It can be accessed remotely through the mobile app. Just download Formilla android/IOS app and login with account credentials. You can chat with your customer from anywhere. This app feature is accessible in any premium package.
  • Formilla Live chat can quickly adjust between PC layout to Mobile layout, which makes it convenient for your customer to use it. (Which is indeed a plus for your business)
  • Formilla’s one for the formidable feature is its real-time visitor monitoring.
  • This plugin supports multiple languages which make it even more effective.

11. Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales


Chat is a resourceful chat plugin and comes with many features some of which are paid and some of it is free of cost. It is also a real-time chat.

  • It lets you access the chat plugin in multiple websites with no capping on a number of chats and operators.
  • Chat plugin comes with an android app available on Google Play Store. Also, it has a chrome extension available on Chrome Web Store.
  • This plugin is highly responsive for mobile devices (An ACE), with customizable chat design.
  • Its multilingual Front chat-Interface and Admin panel interface is unparalleled.

12. WP Live Chat Support


WP Live Chat Support plugin is like a recommendation for small businesses, who are looking for cost-effective live chat plugin. It comes with features like

  • Unlimited live chats,
  • Easy dragging chat box,
  • Incredibly responsive admin chat dashboard,
  • 6 predefined chat box themes,
  • Google analytics integration,
  • highly compatible with translation plugins,
  • popup chat box,
  • Desktop Notifications,
  • IP address-based blocking which enables you to block users from specific IP address.

13 WordPress Chat By Chatwee

This is another live chat plugin with lots of features but the free version has limited features. If you need to unlock advanced features, standard plan is starting from $19/month. This plugin creates a platform for real-time interaction, including text, a rich set of emoji, and photos.

That’s All

So, these are the 11 WordPress live chat plugins, which I think you should try for your website. I hope this list might help you in your decision-making process. Spread the word and please do leave a comment if you have something in your mind.