15 Best Classified WordPress Themes 2018 To Increase Your Earnings
May 18th, 2018 in Wordpress |

Looking for the best and most powerful classified WordPress theme, We have curated a list of 15 best classified ad themes to increase your earnings and profits.

CHALLENGE TO WHOM?: The first challenge for any new WordPress user is the design aspect of their first website. As a matter of fact, this challenge is impacting also the most experienced WordPress bloggers out there, unless they are visual artists or designers.

We have come across a number of requests for advice on whether the ad theme should be colorful or not, dynamic or static, interactive or not.

Being masters of online business and ad’s matters, we can say that all types of theme designs are great and be successful once they are applied accordingly to the typology of the blog.


There are a lot of tricks you can learn when you start navigating online with the purpose of improving your WordPress ads. Especially when you choose to consult some of the most popular websites dedicated to this subjects.

15 Free And Premium Classified WordPress Themes For 2018

WordPress platform has already prepared a number of articles on how to choose the best-classified ad themes, and unless you are yourself a designer or an experienced web developer, we are bringing to your attention a number of ad themes for WordPress that can make your blog distinguish amongst others of the same nature.

Before starting with the presentation of these ad themes, take into consideration that each of them is unique and tailored for a certain range of purposes, thus, believe us when we describe these classified ad themes with words such as “great”, “fantastic”, “superb” and so on and so forth.

1. Classified Engine

If you are a master of products – I mean products of any type – the Classified Engine seems to know what you are looking for.

ClassifiedEngine - WordPress Classified Ads Theme

You can provide pictures of your products on the Home page. The design allows the readers to focus their attention on your products rather than wandering around the page.

Once they have centralized their mind into the product they prefer, with one click they can get more information.

The pages of this theme run smoothly without any transitional impact in terms of user experience. You have the opportunity to manage a blog as well.

If you want to enjoy a “Demo” experience, you are kindly invited to check the  to view all the featres of this theme or Buy ClassifiedEngine Now.

2. EList

eList classified WordPress theme
eList classified WordPress theme

Many bloggers prefer to build up a blog that covers different topics. Our experience has shown that some of the most successful blogs are made of a variety of mixed topics stories, articles, pictures, etc.

Given the chance you are looking for an ad theme tailored for this kind of WordPress blog, the eList has been designed for this purpose.

The front page provides the opportunity to render everything category visible and touchable.

eList “Menu” is really rich and it has a modern design, adding more fashion to the whole ad theme.

In order to have a live approach, you can check the eList Theme Demo.

You can Join ElegantThemes 437,821 customers today to download this theme plus 87 more themes and plugins for the price of one!

Download and Demo

3.Dolce Classifieds

Dolce Classifieds WordPress Theme
Dolce Classifieds WordPress Theme

Dolce Classifieds is bringing into our attention a full pack of features, fully customizable. It is a great choice when you want to add your touch to the ad theme.

You won’t even need to add any additional plugin, as the ad theme has already all the tools to run on.

The built-in form builder is amazing for building different forms for different sectors of your blog. Check the infinite number of sections on the welcoming page.

Also, you can have a taste of this ad theme by navigating free of hassle in the Demo Version.

Free Download and Demo

4. ClassiCraft

ClassiCraft - Classified Ad WordPress Theme
ClassiCraft – Classified Ad WordPress Theme

For those bloggers whose art is writing, literature, languages or articles the ClassiCraft ad theme will provide that extra business outlook to their spiritual approach.

What a winning combination, right!

ClassiCraft is a pool of choices; plugins, forms, etc. You can easily connect it to your PayPal account and monetize your WordPress blog.

Thanks to the “Free ads” option the theme permits to post free of charge ads as well.

Follow the Live Demonstration for a better understanding on what ClassiCraft can do for you.

Classicraft – WordPress Classified AD Listing Theme

5. Classifieds

Classifieds Theme for WordPress
Classifieds Theme

The last but certainly not the least, the “Classifieds” theme. When it comes to ad themes for WordPress, the Classifieds is the undisputable solution.

It is coming with a full pack of features such as geo-location, smart ajax search, multi-currency, ongoing support, social media, etc.

All you need to do is have a glance to the “Live Demo” and check yourself the immense power of this theme.

Download and Demo

6. ClassifiedTheme

best Classified Theme for WordPress

Up so far we have been providing WordPress ad themes based on the modern outlook, but what if you are looking for a more vintage approach in terms of design? Here there is the ClassifiesTheme from sitemile.com

When talking about features there is nothing vintage in there. Plug and play, email notification, Google support, social media integration and lots’ of other amazing features are ready to be explored.

Look at the Demo Version for more details and a full picture of what this ad theme has to offer.

Download and Demo

7. ClassiPress


This version of ClassiPress ad theme for WordPress is highly dynamic and interactive. You can see every page of your web in the main “Home” screen.

You won’t have to surf between pages in order to find the right sector, instead, you can jump there from the main page.

The theme is really easy to be installed and it has already gained the satisfaction of thousands of users.

You can have a look at the “Demo Version” for more appreciation.

Download and Demo

8. AdForest

AdForest WordPress Ad Theme

AdForest is a great ad theme in terms of flexibility and easiness. The platform includes geolocation tools as well. It is compatible with almost all the latest versions of WordPress.

You can easily adapt the theme to your taste and apply a variety of colors from the wide gamma offered.

Download and Demo

9. ClassiAds

ClassiAds WordPress Theme

The ClassiAds theme for WordPress is a drag and drop system which allows user’s flexibility and easiness. It has the perfect mechanism to act as a payment gateway.

ClassiAds offers a wide range of solutions for any type of business category. Just by clicking on “Live Demo” you can have a live demonstration.

More than 3000+ websites have been built with this powerful premium theme, You will get free support and lifetime updates with this theme.

Download and Demo

10. Classify

Classify Ad Theme for WordPress

There is Google Map integration behind the scenes, thus you can always rely on google maps to direct your customers to the nearest point of your business in their area.

Customer Support is provided 24/7 to make it easier for you regardless the time and location. Pages are highly responsive and remember: You can change the colors and fonts as many times as you need or prefer to.

Download and Demo

11. FlatAds

FlatAds WordPress theme 2018 2019

The FladAds is built using CSS3 and HTML 5. The combination allows any user to enjoy the pleasure of fast and reliable pages and transition from one page to another.

This theme is SEO Optimized, thus it will be easier for you to enroll and appear in the search list.

You can always have a look to the “Demo Version” in order to gain a deep insight of this ad theme for WordPress.

Download and Demo

12. ClassyAds

ClassyAds - Modern Ads Directory WordPress Theme
ClassyAds – Modern Ads Directory WordPress Theme

This is the case of a tremendously modern ad theme for WordPress. Thus, in case you are not looking for highly colorful, yet vivid and attractive pages, the ClassyAds is the right theme to go with.

ClassyAds used WP Job Manager plugin and also supports WooCommerce plugin. The theme does not include any premium plugins or add-ons.

Just in case you want to experience the pleasure of building your blog with ClassyAds, we invite you to go through the “Live Demo”.

Download and Demo

13. ClassiEra

ClassiEra WordPress Classified Theme

ClassiEra is coming with seven new layouts ready to implement. The front-end user panel provides you the tools for easy applications and working with the theme.

The Pages are highly responsive and you can get an idea of the whole web by having a view of the Home page. There are a number of dynamic and interactive objects which enhance user experience.

Download and Demo

14. Motors

Motors - Ultimate classified add theme for WordPress
Motors – Ultimate classified add theme for WordPress

This theme, as per the name suggests, has been built thinking of vehicles – any type of vehicles. The “Motors” ad theme for WordPress is fast and reliable at the same time.

It won’t get unresponsive regardless of the information you put through, or the number of guests visiting simultaneously.

This is an ultimate 6-in-1 classified WordPress theme for car dealers, classified listings, repair shop, boat, and motorcycle dealer websites. The demos for all these websites are also available.

Download and Demo

15. Classifieds Theme Free Theme

Classifieds Free Theme WordPress Demo
Classifieds Free Theme WordPress Demo

Build your “Vip Zone” for your VIP visitors within the community. Each business target is to identify the most loyal customers in order to offer them special conditions and treatment in return for their loyalty.

This WordPress ad theme empowers your communication tools thanks to a number of settings that connect your posts to the social platforms and more. There is a lifetime support as well.

This is a free classified theme from PremiumPress.com with a paid version, PremiumPress has created different professional themes to create the following type of websites.

Coupon, Car Dealer, Classified, Dating, Directory, Downloads, Micro Jobs, Real Estate, Shop Theme
Price Comparison, Job Board and Video Themes.

Download Free Classifieds Theme


We hope you have enjoyed the range of classified ad WordPress themes. we have picked up as the best and most reliable ones. We are truly believing that we have utterly provided a solution for any type of business category.