7 Best Lazy Load WordPress Plugins To Improve Website Speed And Performance
May 30th, 2018 in Wordpress |

40% of people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, Use these free Lazy load WordPress plugins to delay image loading & improve speed.

With increasing diversions on the internet, it has become essential for the websites to use images. To improve the performance of your website, Lazy load WordPress images and videos.

So many images will definitely slow down the loading speed of a website. As per a research, 40% of people will leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load down and of course, no one wants this to happen.

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Under this situation, if one thinks of reducing the number of images on the page that is also not viable. Readers may skip reading for having a monotonous view of your site page or not having the visual clarity of your write-ups.

So, how to overcome this problem? Lazy load technique is the efficient way to get out of this and keep your site working faster.

What Is Lazy Load?

Lazy load is one of the effective techniques of delaying image loading on your website to improve the speed of your website. It postpones the loading of actual images so that the entire website can be loaded down.

The very simple logic behind is: in case the website will try downloading all the images at once, it may take a long time for the website to be ready for use.

Why Use Lazy Load?

The answer to this question is very clear. Lazy load plugins help make sites work faster. And, the contrary of it may take a long time to load which can be a frustrating experience for the user.

In fact, it is not only about the users even Google does not support the sites taking so much time to download.

1. JQuery Image Lazy Load WP

This lazy load plugin makes use of Jquery. This plugin adds direct Jquery lazy loading to images. It is actually best to use when you are looking for some minimalistic option getting your entire job done. So one can install and make a quick use of this plugin for faster loading of the website.

BJ Lazy Load Bj lazy load is one of the best plugins among all. With this plugin, you can easily add lazy load images functionality to iFrames or gravatar images. Additionally, if you wish to apply lazy loads to particular images, this plugin works there too.

And the best part is, the advanced BJ lazy load plugins offer settings option. So a user can easily work specifically on choosing placeholders, selecting or skipping images and a lot more.

2. WP YouTube Lyte

Most of the lazy load tools available focus on images. But how about feature videos or immersive multimedia available on your site? That too needs to be fixed so that the website remains working faster.

However, WP YouTube Lyte plugin works there. This lazy load WordPress plugin resists autoplay option for the users which means when the user would click, only then it will load down.

It inserts Lite youtube embeds which give it an appearance of regular YouTube video, but here these videos do not preload until you wish to watch them.

This way it saves server bandwidth which contributes in loading down the pages a ton faster. This actually goes well with the sites having a lot of videos posted on each page of the website.

3. Rocket Lazy Load

This lazy load WordPress plugin comes up with great features for your website. It is just 2KB in size and assist with lazy load content, videos, images, etc.

For being such small in size it not even adds to the size of the website, which is an additional advantage of this plugin. So this is really easy and beneficial to use on your WordPress site.

4. Images LazyLoad And Slideshow

Another famous and most convenient lazy load plugin for WordPress that you may wish to try is Images LazyLoad and slideshow. This plugin allows exclusive features and presently comes with the lightbox effect, image lazy load and gallery slideshow effect too for your images.

5. Advanced Lazy Load Plugin

With advanced lazy load plugin, one can lazy load almost all the resources and perk up the loading time of the website.

And since we know the only method of keeping up the site speed is to load the images when needed, this is the best plugin indeed.

6. Lazy Load XT

Lazy Load XT familiar to us as WordPress Lazy load Plugin support a variety of media like Youtube videos, iFrames or images.

And in case, you need to support of different media like Youtube videos, there is no need to check any other login that you need to use except Lazy Load XT. This actually offers great customization to the users.

7. A3 Lazy Load

With increasing use of internet on mobile devices, websites need to be well optimized for a mobile experience too.

The A3 lazy load is designed in such a manner that it perks up the site speed on mobiles while delaying the loading down of selected page elements.

This is the last lazy load WordPress plugin in this list, offers a hand for content in iFrames kept anywhere in the content or widgets.

Lazy Load WordPress Images With Plugins: The Conclusion

Lazy load WordPress plugins work a great deal in pacing up your WordPress site significantly. This will obviously add to the loading speed of your website but together with that, it improves the complete user-end experience.