7 Major SEO Trends Marketers should learn in 2017
April 20th, 2018 in SEO |

Competition in every field motivates a person to grow in the respective work area. Same goes for marketers, when they have to take a lead in the game of SEO Services. They make all efforts to keep a track of SEO trends and the most efficient tools in the market. Now, the problem arises with the frequently changing SEO trends making the game more exciting.

The year 2017 has also brought some revolutionary changes in the fields of search engine optimization. Read on to know the latest trends you need to keep track of SEO Services.

Latest SEO Services Trends in the year 2017:

  1. Heavy content will be in demand

Earlier, short chunks of content were posted on websites and the same was used everywhere else. As it turned ineffective to sink in with the SEO purposes, marketers tried using long content as long as it could be. A complex topic chosen to be described in detail including heading, sub-headings and bullet points. This way, it was made easy for the readers to choose the part they wanted information about.

In 2017, best SEO Companies in India shifted their focus to a content of precise length with all the necessary information for best SEO Results. This demands creativity and will broaden the use of visuals to explain the topic in short and clear manner.

  1. Personal branding over company brand

Nowadays, as per SEO Services India, personal branding is emphasized more than company branding to gain trust and build strong bonds with the clients. Not just this, it also increases inbound traffic as the users stay longer knowing more about you at a personal level. Ultimately, the approach will bring better opportunities of guest postings for content marketers.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

IN 2017, a lot has been changed in the field of SEO Services and the most advantageous and easy-to-achieve approach is the AMP project protocol. It allows webmasters to design mobile optimized content that loads almost immediately at one go, with minimum structural changes. Every business owner will want his website to load up to 4 times faster using less data. This is only possible by taking advantage of AMP. Best SEO Companies in Kolkata follow this point very much.

  1. Personal assistant

With smart phones gaining popularity amongst modern generation, the use of personal assistant like Google Now, Cortana and Siri has risen. Online users can now deal with their information and conduct search with their personal assistants. As such, marketers will now have to think far beyond than personal computers, tablets or laptops and understand the importance of smart phones in daily lives. Also, they need to consider search terms that personal assistants will show when any user conducts an online search. By developing smart SEO Services strategies, you can ensure that your business will be found in search results.

  1. Know about algorithms and machine learning

In the year 2015, for seo services Google had launched RankBrain. Later, Hummingbird has expanded its functions to know how online users are phrasing search phrases and altering the algorithms. Marketers need to expert more changes and updates in 2017 though there is actually nothing new, as of now.

  1. SEO and UX will interconnect

As per Best SEO Company in India, SEO rankings have a major impact on the loading speed of websites, improved organic traffic and the length of time visitors stay on a website. AMPs are an example of what is there for the developers, marketers and designers in 2017 and beyond. In simple words, Google will be much more favourable to websites and content that has better user experience.

  1. Apps will become more popular

Google will make the apps much more popular to traditional websites. For example, a user has streamed or downloaded the app for creating a website. Google will then assess user experience on the app with the latest algorithm and others for making it a better platform.

Finally, SEO Services is somewhat like chess in many ways. Marketers have to guess about their next step and then plan for it. Like chess, there are no standard moves into which search engines are confined. Online Marketing Companies staying on top of the list are the ones learning the latest rules as they adjust their content and the best SEO strategies accordingly. Contact Delano SEO Services for having best services.