9 Metrics to Track periodically for improvement of SEO Services?
April 20th, 2018 in SEO |

What is Organic SEO Services?

Organic SEO Services is a process of natural placement or ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). It is obtained by algorithm driven results. It is absolutely a unpaid service to achieve ranking in top pages. Some SEO Metrics are essential to track periodically for this service to get better results.

Techniques used by our Organic SEO Company in India includes Keyword planning, Link building, Backlink creation, Content Writing related to the topic etc.

It is simply opposite to Pay per Click Campaign which is purely natural way to get ranks on top positions. In this process you can deliver nice informative contents but visual contents are more preferred to inform your visitors. Using strategic implementation of keywords this process can help you a lot, driving traffic & rank also.

As Search Engines are getting popular, so Organic SEO is being favorite day by day. You can trust on SEO Services for spreading your business anywhere in India or worldwide.

Non organic SEO:

It is artificial way of SEO Services, which can give a quick result/rank but do not last long.This type of SEO is less effective than Organic SEO Services. Pay per Click (AdWords), Paid Advertises etc. are this kind of SEO Service.

Which one is better?

Organic SEO Services India is better than Non organic SEO, as it has less involvement of money. Small business owners at startup condition can effort lot money to invest for their business. Organic SEO helps you to build your Brand reputation & online presence gradually. Organic foundation is solid in comparison to Non organic type.

Organic SEO Services is well expected in India & all over the world as this process is very effective & as per Google SEO Guide lines. This process may take some time but ultimately it will work 7 we will get a long term effect for ranking & traffic. When seo work is continued some major Metrics (KPI) are to follow regularly to check by SEO Checker for seo improvement in all aspect.

Most Effective Metrics (KPI) for Organic SEO Services:

  1. Back Linking:

    It plays a great role in ranking in future. You have to create backlinks with high authority PR sites. Linking with high PR sites gives you better results than making links with low PR sites. Make SEO Strategy as less quantity but with good quality work makes you happy ultimately. You should check your backlinks periodically to follow the nos. & quality.How to check Back Links?There are some backlink Trackers like ahrefs & MajesticSEOthe best of all. These two places are really good for tracking Backlinks.From these places if you put URLs of your website, you can find the positions of backlinks over a period of time. Graph line should go upwards gradually. You can see who have linked you & the URL also.You can see who linked to you and even visit that specific URL. Note that on free plans, you will only be able to see a few results.

    How do you understand the quality of Backlinks?

    Mostly link tracking softwares are associated with score. The higher the Score better the quality of backlinks.

  2. Organic Traffic:
    Google Analytic is the best place to track the Search Traffic. To see the Organic Traffic you can add Organic Traffic option from Add Segment. You should track this metric periodically or at least in a month to check improvement of your work.
  3. Keyword Ranking:
    It is a most important of all metrics. If you see that Keyword ranks are becoming better then it is ok. Otherwise you to check SEO Plan properly. Ranking problems may occur for different factors.a) You Keyword targeting are not correct.
    b) You are making internal linking of your website properly. Proper linking helps to flow link juice in correct way to get ranking.
  4. Average Time on Page:
    If you have informative & engaging content, then visitors will stay more in your pages that will help in ranking.
    To see this point, go to Behavior > Overview option on left hand menu of Google Analytics.
  5. Page per Visitor:
    You will get it from left column of Google Analytics. Go to Audience > Overview.
  6. Returning Visitors:
    This metric will measure that how engaging your content is. If you content is good enough then old visitors will get back to your website. Hence % of returning visitors will increase. Increasing no. of returning visitors indicate that they trust you & can buy your product/services from you. But % of returning visitors should be at least 20%.
  7. Bounce Rate:Google always wants to collect good content which can satisfy their visitors. Bounce Rate this that when anybody lands on your any page & does not interact with it or close it. You can see bounce rate of all your pages from Google Analytics. But in any case Bounce Rate of a website should be within 50%.
  8. Page Load Speed:Page load is a vital point for good ranking. Pages down loading time < 2 sec is good for getting top ranks. If down loading time of a page is longer than visitors will quit that page & bounce will go higher automatically.
  9. Crawl Index:In this metrics you can have,
    a) Pages crawled per day
    b) Kilobytes download per day
    c) Time spend in down loading a page (in milliseconds)You will get all these from Google Web Masters Tools.