March 15th, 2018 in Content Marketing |

The way in which your brand and business are perceived by your clients and potential clients is down to your Web Design.

This means that a poor design or just a lack of general design will have potential clients hitting the close button pretty quickly. Therefore, your marketing strategy can be impacted, in particular, content marketing.

What is content marketing and how is it impacted by web design?

Content marketing is a strategy that is used to generate an interest in a product, service or a brand through the publishing of smart and relevant information. So, how does web design impact content marketing?

Accessibility is important because your site has to be completely accessible to your users. Therefore, the moment that someone visits your site, you need them to be able to find the information they want without having to trawl through lots of pointless information. You have just a few seconds to give them what they want or else they will head off to another site. Therefore, a simple navigation and options make it easy for them to find exactly what they want.

The Appearance of your site will certainly influence the way in which your visitors judge you. A professional site will instantly make them feel at ease and they will trust you. If your site looks old and looks like it has been designed by an amateur then they may opt to look elsewhere. To overcome this issue, opt for a clean design that looks great and enhances the confidence of your customers.

Readability is vital because your visitors should be able to read your content easily. If you have too many fonts it will deliver an unprofessional look but it could also make it difficult to read. A mix of the right fonts and colors can propel your site forward and really make an impact. Your visitors value the readability of your site so if you offer them killer content but make it difficult to read it will result in them losing interest.

Visuals are often as important as text. Many find that they learn better with visuals, some prefer text and some like a mixture of the two. Therefore, include some visuals with the content you offer. Even videos will work as they make it easier for some to absorb the information they need. It does not matter what industry you work in, visual content really is king at the moment and it can help your audience to become familiar with your service and products. Your visual content along with the design should make visitors want to use your site at every given opportunity.

Creating a site that is content-friendly

The perfect web design involved bringing together all of the elements that work harmoniously to deliver a flawless experience for your visitors. This highlights just how important it is for you to consider your audience when designing your site. Make it easy for them to find what they want, turn it into an enjoyable experience and you will find that the results will certainly improve quickly.