Dedicated Managed Servers Provide Unparalleled Protection from Cyber Attacks
May 21st, 2018 in Cyber Attack |

The complexity of cybersecurity underscores the value of dedicated managed servers

Fully managed dedicated servers protect enterprises from data breaches and other cyber attacks. Several high profile data breaches that have impacted retailers, healthcare providers, financial services, and proliferating malware, and threats like the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability are alarming.

This compels business to realize on how hazardous the modern business computing environment can be.

For most enterprises, information security is a consistent uphill battle consuming resources and erodes productivity, without providing a true sense of safety.

Dedicated managed servers help organizations more effectively to insulate themselves from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Dedicated managed servers are among the best defenses against cyber threats that is expected to grow more sophisticatedly by 2017 and beyond. Shielding with optimal cyber security across the entire enterprise is a challenging activity for in-house IT under the favorable circumstances.

It’s a 24/7 job that puts IT professionals in the unenviable position of constantly trying to stay ahead of a sharpening curve. Along with infrastructure management, improvised security capabilities are one of the best factors to invest in dedicated managed servers.

A top web hosting provider renders both physical security measures and sophisticated cyber threat prevention also neutralization techniques to effectively safeguard mission-critical sensitive data and applications.

Dedicated managed servers, Online collaboration, Mobile devices and the BYOD

Several network security challenges exist because of the workplace trend toward increased connectivity and online collaboration. Mobile devices, generally those used in distributed workforces and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments, generating more network endpoints with less IT oversight.

Employee use of social networks and other third-party online services are among the most probable opportunities for the hackers to obtain sensitive personal or business information.

Dedicated managed servers can mitigate the impact of criminal behavior which preys on online connectivity. Security functional features in a dedicated managed server solution are inclusive of intrusion detection systems (IDS), which offer preventative server security monitoring, as well as safeguards against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The multi-layered physical security functional features of the enterprise-grade data centers of leading hosting providers (like video surveillance, security guards, and biometric access controls) works to eliminate unauthorized access of dedicated managed servers.

Security Complexities are reduced by Dedicated managed servers

One of the main factors for effective cyber security very often eludes the grasp of highly competent enterprise and the level of complexity needed to manage it. As per ET (The Economic Times) reports cyber security management will become more complicated in coming years, with a need for IT teams to perform more than just remain on the defensive.

This may require mitigating data and applications via dedicated managed servers offered by a leading hosting organization like Techarex Networks, offering numerous security benefits and transfer the complex activities of ongoing security management to server security experts.

Data breaches threaten the continuity of the business

When it comes to information security, several businesses remain unaware of their potential vulnerability till it is too late. As per Imprima, 78 percent of the organizations have experienced minimum one data breach in the past two years.

In several cases, a data breach, particularly a large or lengthy one, seals a company’s fate: 72% of companies got impacted with a major data leak and had to shut down within 24 months, while 93% of businesses with a data loss extending for more than 10 days filed for bankruptcy within a year.

This is consisting of a stunning 50% that shut down immediately after an incident of a data loss.

Fully managed dedicated servers assure protection

A comprehensive data breach protection is provided by fully managed dedicated servers. Leading providers like Techarex Networks of fully managed dedicated servers implement a multilayer, customizable tailored protective security blanket.

Servers are located at a well-guarded data center facility, with redundant N+1 infrastructure inclusive of backup Internet connections, power sources, and climate control systems to ensure near-perfect uptime. A Techarex Networks dedicated IT team proactively tracks and monitors the servers to examine and neutralize cyber threats before they might do any damage.

Data breaches continue to result in major problems, and nearly every enterprise is vulnerable and susceptible. Hosting mission-critical sensitive applications and data on fully managed dedicated servers’ service provider like Techarex Networks, a leading hosting company is a proven strategy in the ongoing fight against security threats.