Effective Content Marketing Tips for Professional SEO Services
April 17th, 2018 in SEO |

Content creation is not a simple task to prepare a good content. We have to make a good strategy for making high quality & most informative contents for SEO Services. Without great contents, a professional SEO company cannot achieve success in their SEO Projects.

For a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, it is a job like making a testy recipe that most of the people will accept gladly & also enjoy it. So you have to add different ingredients to make it really tasty & healthy. Presentation of that is also a great part of that item.
Good quality content is like a King which requires proper planning & care.

There are main four parts Content Writing

Content,Distribution,Site Structure,Analytics

Without analysis, we cannot get the clear idea about all other parts of information about architecture, User experience etc. So these to make a quality content, first of all, give time to go through all about. Otherwise, your content will fail surely.

Now we will go through the most effective 20 Tips about Content Strategy.

Checking Organic Traffic: From analytics, we can get information about which keywords are driving more organic traffic. You can take a record for last 1-2 years to understand the traffic activities & trends.

Engagement Analysis of Websites:
In this stage, you can understand which content drives most traffic & creates engagement. In this stage, you can also watch page views in a category vs. No. of URLs. We should spend some time in this area.

Keyword Analysis:

For planning keywords, you can use Google Keywords Planner, which is the very reliable tool for finding out a list of keywords. You can also use a content tool like Soovle.
We can find a lot of keywords for SEO Services in this way.

Competitors Analysis:

After planning all these we have to take information about your competitors. We can use Moz tools to find the no. of inbound links, DA.

Not only that you can check no. of connections your competitors have.You can find out also how your audiences are arriving & where to go for engagement. You can also see the real strength of the competitors for providing SEO services.

Tagging: Generally we tag contents with a lot of keywords. But sometimes it crosses with the keywords which already in an existing category. This incident can create a lot of duplicate pages which are not desired in SEO services.
On page SEO: It is a vital part of a professional SEO Company in India.

For ON PAGE SEO to check the main points are, Check the titles are well optimized or not. Put keywords in the proper way.
Interlinking to other relevant contents &Images is optimized with proper alt tags.

Head Lines: Headlines are an important part of a content, which has the engagement of more than 75%. So when we create content then take some time to write it properly so that it contains a few keywords.

Content formatting using tags like h1, h2 etc. is very essential. Use keywords in proper places to get well-formatted content. Take a help of https://ahamediagroup.com/blog/ for checking contents.

Check List for Valuable Contents:

For Findable Content: Use h1, h2 tags etc.
2. Meta Data, like Title, Descriptions etc.
3. Interlinking to contents
4. Alt tags for Images.
Can readers read these contents properly? Use bullets, numbers etc. to make it more readable.
Understandable: Can readers understand contents properly while reading?
Content should be so that readers will go to take actions. Type of actions is a call to action, a place to comment, an invitation to share & link to more valuable contents.

Content Distribution: First of all you have to have a stock of Quality Contents for link building & also for online PR. More fresh & informative contents play a great role in Digital Marketing. Videos, infographics are the most effective contents for visitors engagement.

Social Media: If you have great contents in your hand then start shearing all these contents in popular social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedInShare your contents periodically in these media channels to get max. Viewing & also for Brand Reputations.

So these are some points to follow for having benefits from content marketing&have to wait for a few months for seeing results.