April 9th, 2018 in Technology |

You can find numerous methods and various techniques if you want to monitor the system.  And in this article, we’ll talk about running the system without any disruption with the help of functional monitoring.


Such process as functional monitoring allows observing the functional abilities which an app or a distributed system are able to offer. Its main goal is to estimate the availability and functionality of the system and whether it is able to perform desired functions. It guarantees that the app’s goal is fulfilled correctly.  In most cases, functional monitoring could be performed with the help of employing robots. They accomplish scripted operations. This kind of monitoring is a perfect way to manage reports and get accurate data about the quality of service. Functional monitoring can’t solve problems, but it is able to reveal it.


Monitoring process contains few layers and functional monitoring is just one of them. There are also Technical monitoring as well as monitoring of the business process. Most of the work being done by humans in the whole monitoring process. However, functional monitoring is performed automatically with the use of machines and various scripts. As this type of monitoring is based on work of robots, it is suitable for management reports checking the service quality which system users experience. Functional monitoring is based on software component specifications. With the help of this process, it is possible to control that every app function meets specific requirements.


If you want to run the system without any glitch, it is important to monitor all app functionalities. It should be done mainly because an ordinary user who hasn’t got proper technical knowledge, would have no idea what is going on with the database and what are the reasons for some problems. Such user simply won’t be able to log in and one decision he can take is to leave the system. In such cases, functional monitoring is just what every user needs. In a real-time it will monitor the functionality of the system and if necessary provide alerts with the help of a notification system, especially in case of malfunctioning. With functional monitoring, the user will have process reporting. It presents precise data about process executions along with process logs and various documents. And dashboards are in charge of providing data about executing processes and various inbound requests during a specific period of time.

To sum up, don’t test you luck hoping that your app will work perfectly. It is recommended to use different functional monitoring tools for this purpose. It is possible that apps, which have already successfully passed testing, fail because of hardware problems, etc. And functional monitoring is an ideal tool to find out which component failed.