Great Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Blog
March 14th, 2018 in Uncategorized |

Bloggers are usually clueless about how to attract traffic to their blogs. Beginners specially are oblivious to the different methods they can employ to increase traffic to their blogs. Blog traffic is an essentiality and chances are your blog will not survive for long unless fed with stream of visitors continuously. You’d eventually lose interest if no one cares to visit, as simple as that.

An active and popular blog can add greatly to your online assets. It’s one of the fastest ways to promote yourself to others and create followers and buyers within a particular niche, however there is no way you can make any niche blog a success without significant amounts of traffic. So what can you do to get significant traffic to any blog? There are a few quick things you can do that will help instantly increase visitors count and help make your blog popular and profitable. However, I am not going to tell you all the fluff or the dirty shortcuts like emailing everyone in your contact list to ask to visit your blog or getting in chat rooms and mindlessly pasting links. The following ways will help your blog prosper and set your marketing efforts in right direction.

Be a Content Producer

How many times do you actually sit and write your own content? Content producing is time consuming. People avoid time consuming things. Website owners and bloggers are no different. Majority want to get done with without much effort.

We’d rather copy others, just Google information over, pick/steal someone else’s content or idea, spin/reword it a bit and post it with our name tag than actually creating something out. That’s why genuine good quality content is precious. People come looking for genuine content. Be a content source, content producer, create content and people will come looking for you.

What to do:

  • Generate likable content
  • Write Good blog posts
  • Write long posts, properly conveying your message
  • Possibly Post more often. Majority of highly successful blogs generate good quality content regularly.
  • Write something that fulfills a need, solves a problem, helps people learn, grow better.


  • Builds authority and credibility
  • Increased search engine trust & rankings
  • Good content attracts traffic mystically
  • Increased chances of repeat visitors
  • Better ad conversion & revenues
  • People will like to listen to you therefore increased chances of loyal subscriber base.

Learn to Spread the word

Spreading the word is important. Telling others about your blog is obviously helpful. How do you spread the word?

Where do you find others? To let others know your blog exists, put your blog link in all the prominent places where people frequent. No, I am not going to suggest to include your blog link in your email signature, your Facebook, your gtalk, yahoo messenger status, your visiting to pull massive amount of traffic, although that does its bit. Lets’ do something better.

Article Marketing

Articles marketing is what every serious blogger should incorporate in its marketing strategy. All the seasoned internet marketers take advantage of this vehicle, why? Simply because it works and works in the long run. Beginners usually are unaware of the power article marketing holds and that’s probably why they fall short of properly utilizing it.