How Link Building helps in Ranking with SEO Services
April 25th, 2018 in SEO |

What is Link Building?

Link building is a process of having hyper links from other websites to your own site. Links will help search engines to crawl from pages to pages of websites. So link building is a important part of professional seo services in india to place you ahead of all competitors. You have to be a master of link building for providing seo services.

Why Link Building is important?

First of all you have to understand that how link is created. How search engines see them & interact with them.

How a hyperlink looks like,

<a href=””>visit HTML tutorial</a>

This above Anchor Tag tells search engines whom to follow in this link. Anchor test is the visible part of link on which to click to follow the link.

Meaning of Links to Search Engines:

There are main 2 points search engine uses these links, to get new web pages & to get valuable resources’ to rank that website. When search Engine crawl pages it go through it & add to their index. If it thinks that the content is valuable to them then it provides ranks to that website. Generally content linked with high value websites gets rank properly.

Google founder Larry page invented Page Rank which is used to measure the quality of pages. Previously lots of links are built to get rank but now over link building may be penalized by Google. As per Google’s Penguin update & guide lines you have be alert how to build links for your website. It is not clear how Google Ranks but as per seo company in India it is still important that link building has a great importance on SEO services & its algorithm.

Main Factors for Google Ranking in seo services

  1. Keyword Features & Domain Level:
    Quality & Trust of links to the domain. Domain level & Page rank is also matters.
  2. Page Level Link Features:
    Page Rank, Trust Rank, Quality of Links & Distribution of Anchor Text are related to ranking.
  3. Page Level Keywords & Content:
    It is related to content quantity & relevance etc.
  4. User Signals:
    It is related to user’s signals from browsers or tool bars.
  5. Domain Level Brand Features:
    It depends on Brand or Domain name in news/media/press etc.
  6. Page Level & Keyword Agnostic features:
    It is related to content length, readability, uniqueness & page load speed etc.
  7. Social Metrics:
    Social metrics like quantity/quality of tweets, Facebook shares, Google +1s etc.
  8. Domain level keyword usage:
    Exact match keyword domains, partial match keywords etc.
  9. Domain level, Keyword Agnostic features:
    Domain name length, extension, domain HTTP response time etc.

Now still it is believed by most SEO Company in India that high quality links make a difference in ranking.

What is no follow?

There is an attribute which is used sometimes. Attribute will be Like this,
<a href=>Delano Digital</a>
When it is used it means you are telling Google not to trust that link & it will not help in ranking also.

There is little area where nofollow is used,

Blog comments
Forum posting
Guest Post Signatures
Guest Book Comments
Yahoo Answers

Now Google has expanded it concept to include optimized links in Press Release, Article directory & advertorials. So as a link builder you should do work to follow every links you are working for & which is counted by Google also.

Benefits of Link Building:

As you know that high quality link building helps in achieving ranks. But there are other benefits you can have from link building.

Relation building:

Link building involves in outreach to other website & blogs in your industry. Common goal of outreach is to get links. It also helps to build a good relationship with keyword influencers. In this way your business will be trusted.

Referral Traffic:

Good links from a highly visited website can increase traffic & which in terms helps to increase your sale of your business. It is strongly followed by most seo company in india.

Brand Building:

Good link building can make your brand most trusted & establish you as an authority in your niche. If you have a team of experts & can create nice content in your niche with your industry data then your company can be well known in your industry.

So start link building yourself or with the help of professional seo company with great care.

Happy Link Building!