How QuickBooks Premier Hosting is Helping Small Businesses
May 24th, 2018 in QuickBooks |

There are several criticalities involved in daily business activities that a small business owner needs to overcome in a smarter way.

Accounting and bookkeeping is one such critical business functions that need to be managed and accomplished on a day-to-day basis.

In this modern business age, there are several reasons, such as the need for automation, real-time tracking, maintaining the confidentiality of accounting data have all in all made the entire accounting and bookkeeping task complex than ever before.

To overcome all these modern accounting and bookkeeping challenges, businesses need to have optimal strategy and resources.

When we say optimal strategy and resources then, it mean to merge and collaborate – accounting software and technology.

QuickBooks Premier is one of the most affordable, yet feature enriched accounting software that meets modern accounting needs of small businesses across different industries.

7 QuickBooks Premier: Perfect for Small Businesses

QuickBooks Desktop Premier has several exciting features that make it the perfect accounting software for businesses which needs to have maximum 5 users.

To make you understand how QuickBooks Premier suffices modern accounting needs of small businesses, let’s look at its few great features.

1. Multi-monitor Support

In this fast-paced world, team collaboration and productivity plays a pivotal role in the success of accounting and bookkeeping. QuickBooks Premier with its multi-monitor support get work done faster with multiple windows open across different monitors and let your team be more productive.

2. Inventory Reports

Having an eye over all the inventories coming in and going out is quintessential to have accurate accounting details. Inventory Center in QuickBooks Premier lets you quickly locate all the tasks related to inventory in one place.

3. Searchable Chart-of-accounts

QuickBooks Premier with its Searchable Chart-of-accounts feature lets you quickly search an account or subaccount by different classes, such as account name or number. This feature helps your accountants and bookkeepers save time by manifold.

4. Cash/Accrual Toggle

Now, checking the performance of your business is easier than ever. QuickBooks Premier lets you get insights into your business performance on the basis of cash and accrual in a single click.

5. Billing & Payment

It’s now easy to track bills and invoices in QuickBooks Premier. You can search for unpaid bills and invoices on the basis of different classes, such as time, material or product, job phase and percentage of work completion, and get paid faster than before.

6. Vendor List

Organizing job costs and other such financial activities depending on vendors is easier with QuickBooks Premier. You can create “Jobs by Vendors” report and check vendors who still need to be paid.

7. Profit & Loss Report Comparison

To take crucial business decisions and have all the financial data at fingertips, it is essential to have a mechanism that lets you easily create profit and loss reports and also compare it with previous months. You can run Profit & Loss Report in QuickBooks Premier and feasibly compare different months Profit & Loss reports.

These are a few exciting features of QuickBooks Premier that make QuickBooks Premier one of the most loved accounting software for small businesses. Further, you can enrich your QuickBooks experience by manifold by hosting QuickBooks Premier in a cloud.

QuickBooks Premier Hosting: Smarter, Reliable and Flexible

QuickBooks Desktop Premier can be hosted on a cloud server to enrich QuickBooks experience at an affordable price. QuickBooks Premier hosting adds value to accounting and bookkeeping in multiple ways.

Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device Access

QuickBooks Premier Hosted on a cloud server lets you have anytime, anywhere and on any device access to your QuickBooks files. You can leverage this benefit of cloud hosting to let work from any remote location and from any device you love.

Safe Multi-user Environment

To work in a multi-user mode it is important to have a safe environment, where unauthorized access to QuickBooks can be prevented. QuickBooks Premier hosting ensures safe multi-user setup where only authorized users can have access to your QuickBooks files.

Uncompromised Data Security

QuickBooks Data is confidential, and any instance of data theft or any other mishap can be costly for your business. A QuickBooks hosting provider through its state-of-the-art and certified datacenters offers optimal data security and also lets you restore your data in any case of data loss.


Cloud technology adds ultimate value to QuickBooks Premier and makes it the most robust and sophisticated accounting and bookkeeping infrastructure for small businesses.

If you want to know more about QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks hosting then, feel free to contact us right now.

We have years of expertise in delivering and strategizing accounting and bookkeeping system of small businesses through the application of innovative cloud technology.