How Rich Answer generates Traffic with affordable SEO Services
April 25th, 2018 in SEO |

It is always told that content marketing is the main pillar of seo services. A high quality blog is the best choice to post to be in the no. 1 is ranking. I can show you another effective way to rank in Google with increased traffic. It is “Rich Answer. We as a provider of affordable seo services always focus on this point.

What is Rich Answer?

When we search for any product or service you can see that a box appears on the top of the list in search results. This information box provides you instant short answer without clicking any websites. This piece of information is called “Rich Answer. It is also called as Featured Snippet or Featured Answers. As a seo company in india we attend this part in regular basis.

Google splits these answers in three categories.

  1. Answers provided by Google:

Google display this result at the top of that list & drawn from official data or website like Wikipedia. If you ask a question, who is Sachin Tendulkar? Then it will be like below.

  1. Featured Snippet:

Search engine extracts answers from third party websites & display them on the top of organic results list.

Here you can see that Google extracts this information from third party & encourage readers to click through the website here, Wikipedia to get further information. It is great for that website.

  1. Basic Snippets:

This enhances regular search results.

Benefits of Rich Answers:

To answer this from question, you do not have to be in rank 1 in 1st pages. If the answer is really good & appropriate, Google gives importance & put your answer on the top of the list.

It is recommended to make a question in the blog title & answer it within first few paragraphs of that blog. It can provide an amazing result. In this case Google will show the same rich answer more often than the normal organic rank spot. In this regard you can take help of a professional seo services in india.

Bloggers benefit from Rich Answers:

You have to check from Google analytics what users are searching for in your niche. Then you can check your own data & insights, survey your readers & research keyword. Provide some time to find out what are the weak areas of content marketing. Supply information to give the best knowledge to enrich your readers to their satisfaction level. This process will increase traffic, build audience & make your brand popular. Bloggers of most top seo company in india always alert in this part of seo services.

Rich Answer takes over SERP:

Google is adding more rich answers every month. It is seen that there is 10% increase in growth in Rich Answers within a period of eight months in the year 2015.

Should website owners worry about Rich Answers?

No. Google seems to prefer indexing & formatting public domain content in Rich Answers.

Is High Authority required to appear as Rich Answers?

No. As per engagement record, 54% domain is used by Google are less than 60% domain authority. It is found that website with domain authority less than 20 have also Rich Answers. It is not really related to domain authority but totally depends on content quality which has a real value to Google.

Rich Answers help in getting more CTR. It is seen that if a website Ranks in 1st position gets 30% click & a website with Rich Answers can get more than 50% clicks. It is really amazing.

How to get your Content indexed as Rich Answers:

  1. Create a list of questions:

For making list of questions you have to make a list first. Take help from Google Adwords Keyword Planner for making a good list.  You can also take help from Yahoo Answers & Quora for making list of common questions in your niche.

  1. Google Auto Fill:

Use Google auto fill to find out the questions & then see which have still no Rich Answers.

  1. Create Answers Specifically to answer questions:

Create an answer very specifically & step by step. Rich answers should be short & after studying some answers it is seen that Average word count is 54. Average character count is 288.

  1. Use Keywords in Rich Answers:

You can use keywords in Rich Answers & make it bold.

  1. Mark up the Question:

Use mark up tag <h1> in the question.

App for Rich Answers:

As mobile usages are exceeding desk top usages & there is an APP for Rich Answers too.

Is your any content appearing as Rich Answers? Planning to appear your content in Rich Answers? Tell your Comment.