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Offshore outsourcing allows finding cost-effective solutions of the highest quality. You’ll have a chance to save your money on web development. You’ll receive better quality of services. And at the same time, you’ll have more time to improve your work and become more competitive. If your company specializes in website development, it’ll get innovative projects for lower cost.

Most projects could be outsourced. However, the best experience is with projects that are not closely related to main business functions of the company. It is commonly observed when web development and design companies closely cooperate with the outsourcing company and have long-term relationships. Many companies want to find out how much money they can save. Usually, reduced costs are about 30%. In some cases, they could rise to 50%. Be sure that returns thanks to investments will impress you.


Be sure that the chosen outsourcing vendor has the necessary experience and provide services for a wide range of companies.

Contact former customers of outsourcing company you chose. It’ll help you to find out more about their professionalism. They’ll answer the most important questions about the quality of provided services and the budget, whether the vendor works in a timely manner.


You should choose technically proficient vendor as this cooperation will allow you to feel yourself confidently. There are some international certifications that could prove it.

Remember to ask about code samples which they developed for their customers. Then contact experienced programmers so that they could assess them.


Specify all your requirements with an outsourcing company in agreement. It is necessary to include mock-ups before your outsourcing company starts work on coding. Make sure you know how chosen vendor solves problems connected with bugs (how they identify them and fix).

As a rule, the whole process of OSP includes planning, development and testing stages. To be assured that your project isn’t neglected by the vendor it is required to include delivery points into the agreement.


Many companies could be confused with the knowledge of whether they lose control of the project. It is your choice how to be involved in the project. But it is necessary to understand that outsourcing company will have at least a partial control of the project and their main task is to provide a desirable final project for you. You have to take care of knowing about the progress of work and existing problems.

It is highly important to define project specifications. They must be well thought-out, accurate and clear.


Trusted outsourcing companies relieve you from problems with communication. They guarantee instant messaging as well as contacts by phone and e-mail communication. Take care of scheduling the online meeting if your outsourcing company is located in different time zone.