How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2018? Niche Blog Versus General Blog
April 27th, 2018 in Wordpress |

This is an ultimate guide to learn How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2018, We are going to explain why niche blogging is better than general blogging and how you can easily start a blog without any technical knowledge.

Writing a general blog is a choice a lot of bloggers. There can be many reasons for it and the first and foremost is your own personal choice.

Many bloggers simply just love the way they write and gets an opportunity to pin down their feelings on a piece of blog. This is a much diverse approach which minimum restrictions which is enjoyed by every general blogger.

Reasons To Write A Blog

why start a blog
Reasons to start a blog?

There can be many reasons why an individual would like to invest his/her time and energy in a general blog and it includes:

Easy to write the content

General Blog is all about writing about anything. It can be about anything which just inspires you or any other blogger. You kind of write down your feelings, emotions or anything on your blog. Thus, it is pretty much easy to create the content of a general blog.

The wide range of audience

A general blog is open to the general audience and it doesn’t restrict anybody. Therefore, if you’re a general blogger then your audience is as diverse as your blogs.

And this really inspires people because merely by means of their blog they are able to target a wide range of population and spread their thoughts and ideas.

Easy to get traffic

Until the time you’re able to enjoy your writings and create a quality content, you get a lot of opportunities to keep your audience hooked with your writings.

This ensures the traffic to your site and thus you enjoy what you’re doing.

But What About The Earning?

Is it really worth investing so much time and energy in a general blog?

blogging for money
blogging for money

Well if you talk about in terms of money, then the general blog will not be sufficient for you in that regard. A general blog is for a general audience and it lacks the quality to bring right traffic to your blog.

You must be wondering what else you can write?

The answer is pretty simple and to make money, niche blog has an edge over a general blog.

How Can Niche Blog Help You Make Cash?

1. With Blog SEO

Niche blog works on Search Engine Optimization and it completely revolves around SEO only. With the correct use of the focused keywords, you can enable your blog to rank and stand out.

blog SEO
blog SEO

There is a lot of competition and writing the blog focusing on SEO guarantees your ranking which affects the earning and the success of the writing.

2. By getting the right audience

The biggest advantage of niche blogging is that it helps you target the right audience particular to your blog.

It is a bit different from a general blog in a way that there wouldn’t be general audience approaching you, rather audience with the particular interest will be approaching and looking for the content on your blog.

The focused niche blog enables the audience to get back to your content as it of their interest also.

This will also enable the advertisers to approach you because they all are also well aware of how your content can bring traffic to their sites.

3. Niche blogging keeps you focused

The best part of niche blogging is that it somehow gives you certain objectives around which you can restrict the search.

Niche blogging keeps you focused
Niche blogging keeps you focused

This is something which is not common in general blogging because you can wander as much as possible and there are no restrictions.

The focused approach helps you organize the thoughts and produce a quality content which is in the best interest of your audience.

4. You are surrounded by happy readers

Happy readers and targeted audience are indeed the biggest benefits of niche blogging which is just not there in general blogging.

While writing general blogs, you readers are always looking for something new, something creative that will make them enjoy reading.

Repetition of the topics is a big no with general blogging. However, when writing a niche blogging, your topic can be same and so as the keywords because the reader who is interested will read it and that’s why they are actually here at your blog.

While considering How to Make Cash with a Niche Blog Versus a General Blog, it is pretty much evident that general blogging is a very superficial approach and doesn’t help the blogger to earn a lot and the reasons for it are pretty much obvious.

However, niche blogging is a very specific approach in which the keywords and the audience are well defined. This limits the blog to the people who are actually interested in that particular domain.

Search engine optimization approach also enables the blogger to generate the traffic to the site.

Thus, in my opinion, the blogger tends to earn more with a niche blog than a general blog.

However, in order to begin writing a niche blog, the reader must know the following information which is highly particular to the niche blogging and it includes:

How To Find A Niche?

Now, if you’re really worried and have been trying hard to find a niche but have been unable then the basic step you’d need to do is to find the area of interest.

how to find blog niche?
how to find blog niche?

After all, no one can just begin writing a blog until they are interested in it. Once you’re able to know your interest then you can think of problem which you can solve with expertise.

You have to make a list and then narrow your focus to select the best problem.

You can also read this article How to Choose a Profitable Niche at CopyBlogger to learn more about blog niche.

Once you’re able to find a niche, you can then search its competition and it will enable you to know the worth of the selected niche. Later on, you can work on the profitability of the niche.

How To Do Keyword Research

It is been already said that keyword determine the ranking of the content and it is utmost important.

Do keyword research and for niche blog
Do keyword research and for the niche blog

However, many people simply lack the ability to search the proper keyword. In order to do the keyword search, firstly there has to be some topic already selected.

Then you should brainstorm the topic as much as possible. This is the best way to find out as many keywords as possible.

Another important way to do the keyword search is with the help of Google. You can search for the keywords you have already identified. Then simply go to the bottom of the page, there is the list of relevant keywords which you may use.

Google keyword planner is a free service to find some new and related keywords, You need to type any keyword and Google will give you a list of related keywords with the average monthly search volume of each keyword.

Make sure you choose the right keyword and enough people are looking for the product or service. A keyword with 1K–10K search volume is good.

Different Type Of Niche Blogs:

different types of blogs
different types of blogs

There are several different kinds of niche blog which people can consider while writing a niche blog and it includes:

Finance Blogs: in which the writer may address the questions such as how to make money online and various approaches towards it.

Health and fitness blogs: one of the highest traffic oriented niches. People are getting more health conscious and therefore looking out the way and different approaches that can make them fit.

Food blogs: Many people prefer food niche for the purpose of getting the easy and simple recipes. If you really excel in this domain then you may write your personalize recipes too.

Fashion blogs are kind of bit tricky. It should be based on the personality of the individuals. The blogger may add information about the lifestyle also, as fashion directly or indirectly comes under the domain of lifestyle.

Product review blogs: People love to read product reviews of the latest products and gadgets. You can write reviews of different type of products and gadgets, For example, If you are interested in web design and development, You can write reviews of web hosting companies, products, themes, plugins and other tools.

WordPress is extremely popular Content Management System to build websites and blogs and thousands of plugins and themes are available. There are many bloggers, writing and publishing reviews of WordPress plugins and themes and they add their own affiliate links in the article, so when someone buys the products they get a commission.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2018?

Once you have actually done the background work and identified the topic of interest. You can then actually proceed to start a blog for profit. To do so You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy a Domain name and choose a good hosting provider
  2. Install WordPress on your server
  3. Start publishing great content.
  4. Promote your content on social media, email list etc
  5. Once you start receiving enough traffic, monetize your blog or start selling your own products to make money.

Best Place To Start A Blog?

Starting a self-hosted blog can be difficult as a beginner for you. lets you start a website or blog for free. For additional features, You can signup for the very affordable Personal plan ($4.00 per month, billed yearly). powers beautiful websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers. The new Business plans now offer access to thousands of WordPress plugins and themes!

Visit and click the get started button to create your new site.

You have four different options.

Create a site - WordPress com
Create a site – WordPress com
  • Start with a blog: To share your ideas, stories, and photographs with your followers.
  • Start with a website: To promote your business, organization, or brand and connect with your audience.
  • Start with a portfolio: To present your creative projects in a visual showcase.
  • Start with an online store: To sell your products or services and accept payments.

Click on the Start of a blog button and type your niche keyword. For example. if you are going to write about latest smartphones, it’s a good idea to use it in the domain name or you can also go with any other preferred domain name.

WordPress will give you a list of available domain names, or if you already own a domain name simply click on the Already own a domain name button.

register a domain name at WordPress com
register a domain name at WordPress com

WordPress Pricing & Plans: If you don’t want to register a custom domain name, select the free subdomain name option. In the next step, you will see the following four options.

start a blog and make money at WordPress com plans to price
  • Free ($0 for life): Best for students
  • Personal ($4.00 per month, billed yearly) Best for hobbyists
  • Premium ($8.00 per month, billed yearly) Best for professionals
  • Business ($24.92 per month) Best for brands

Now pick the best plan for you, we recommend the Personal plan, which is very affordable and start at only $4.00 per month. You will get a custom dot-com domain name with this plan.

create WordPress com account

Click on the Start with Personal plan button. In the 4th and final step create your account. Enter your email address, choose a username and password or you can also click on the Continue with Google button.

That’s all you need to do to create your blog.

After creating the account, You can start writing and publishing content on your new blog.