How to use LinkedIn to grow your business with SEO Company?
April 24th, 2018 in SEO |

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is popular social network over 50 million users, where you can promote your product/services to grow your business. It is great place to build network, post jobs and interact with skilled leaders in different professions. LinkedIn is nice place to leverage your contacts & to find new customers online. Most SEO Company are using this platform very effectively to grow their & clients business altogether.

Steps to be followed in LinkedIn:

  1. Set your profile on LinkedIn:

    Set up a profile on LinkedIn is easy & after that you can start growing your business. Only after mail verification into your account & confirmation it is over. Complete your profile 100% adding experience, qualification, contacts etc. It will help you get found by employers, recruiters, prospects etc. Upload your picture to recognize yourself which will increase trust. Then ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues, partners & clients. You can also promote your company using company website’s link. SEO Services in India always work with this popular social platform.
  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO Services:

You should customize your LinkedIn profile URL. To edit this URL, go to profile, edit profile and then edit public URL to optimize for SEO. Make this URL as per your name or company to that it would be visible to searchers. Our seo company will do all these for our clients to promote their business.

You can put links to your profile & also you can use some focus keywords in profile text section. Search Engine will index this page to rank with your related keywords. As a best seo company in India, we prefer this platform always.

  1. Build Network:

Connect with people who are in your industry to grow a strong network. Invite leaders to connect them & build your business successfully. Providers of top seo services india are focused in this point very much.

Start building contacts in a meaningful way:

  • Start building connections with people you know, like friends, colleagues, relatives & business contacts etc.
  • Find people by company to find contacts similar to your industry & as per your target customers/clients.
  • As a top seo company in India, we recommend you to interact by asking questions to the industry experts or answering to the questions.
  • You can connect Twitter A/c. from your LinkedIn a/c. also.
  1. Groups:

This option gives you to join potential customers online. If you already have your own group, it is OK. Otherwise as Best seo company in India, we prefer to create a new group immediately for our clients.

Tips for sharing Groups:

  • Create a group name with your focus keywords so that when people search, they can find your group.
  • Group to create for the industry you belong not for the company.

Tips for promotion of LinkedIn Groups:

  • Invite co-workers, colleagues, customers to join & to start discussion.
  • Promote your group on your website, blog, newsletter & social media to inform that you have a Group & to take participation.
  • Invite experts to join & engage with them.

Tips for managing LinkedIn Group:

  • Add discussion, News, Jobs etc. Try to add more opportunity to add to your group so that it will become visible to community.
  • Search for “most popular discussions to concentrate on most popular discussion topics from a lot.
  • Send announcements which are emails send from LinkedIn.
  • If you have blogs related to your industry, you can import that blog to the news section. Go to news then manage news feed & you can add RSS feeds for your blogs.

Lead Generation:

It can be used to generate new leads for your business. Main
goal is to engage people & build network.

  • Create LinkedIn Group: Use the group to demonstrate thought
    leadership in market, promote the group & grow community.
  • LinkedIn Ads: You can use direct Ads like Facebook & Twitter.
  • Answer questions on LinkedIn: Ask & respond to relevant questions
    in Answers section. When answering question then you can leave
    links to your Articles, landing pages & blogs post on your website.
  • Use LinkedIn to your Marketing: You can notify your group members regarding promotions, events & drive them back to your website or blog post of your website. As a provider of affordable seo services, we recommend these points to increase lead generation for your business.

LinkedIn Applications:

  • Blog Link: Contact your logs link to your LinkedIn Profile to
    share your contents continuously.
  • Slide Share: If you have a slide share account, you can import
    slide shares into your LinkedIn profile. It will help to drive more qualified traffic in to your network.

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