Image Optimizer: How to Reduce Image File Size for Fastest Loading
March 27th, 2018 in Web Development |

When searching online for image compression tool, you may be confused with the result. Therefore I am listing some of the best Image Optimizer Sites, which will make your work easier and save some time.

Top Most Image Optimizer to Reduce the Image File Size

image optimizer
Photo Courtesy- TinyPNG

I love this site as it is one of the oldest and top most well-known websites for image compression. TinyPNG supports png compression and jpeg compression. The optimize images are so cute, you will also love this tool.

You can compress 20 images of Maximum 5MB size at a time and can save to Dropbox or Download to your Desktop. The files produced by TinyPNG are displayed perfectly on all modern browsers including mobile devices.

The free account allows you to compress 100 images/month if this is not sufficient, go for their Pro Version. TinyPNG also offers a WordPress Plugin and a Magento Extension for hassle-free image compression.

  1. Compress Photos
image optimizer, compress photos
Photo Courtesy- Compress Photos

This is another simple site I use to compress images. Compress Photos is an online photo compression tool by which you can compress JPG, JPEG and PNG images without loss of photo quality.

They have Drag & Drop option to upload the image file or just click on “Add Files” Button at upper left corner. The Max. File size to upload is 50MB which I feel more than sufficient for any blogger.

Compress Photos Image Compression service is absolutely free of charge for lifetime. You can compress any number of images, there is no limit. Therefore, this is the feature I like most.

  1. JPEG
image optimizer, JPEG Optimizer
Photo Courtesy- JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is very good at image compression but the quality of the compressed image is not so good. Furthermore, you can upload and compress one image at a time, which makes it unfeasible for bulk image compression.

A low compression level will result in a much smaller file size but image quality will be lower. A high compression level will result in a larger file size but higher image quality. A choice is yours.

Other Best Image Optimizer Sites for Image Compression

image optimizer,
Photo Courtesy- is another one of my favorite image size optimization tools because it allows choosing between Lossy and Lossless compression. It supports 4 file formats. (JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG) is a powerful online tool for reducing the size of your images and photos drastically while maintaining a high quality. I definitely recommend going for this Image Compression Tool.

The only drawback I noticed, it doesn’t allow you to bulk upload images. A Maximum 10MB file size image you can upload at a time.

image optimizer, imagerecycle
Photo Courtesy- ImageRecycle

This is another great image & .pdf compression tool I found for online image compression. The good side about ImageRecycle is, they support multiple CMS as like, WordPress, Joomla, using their API.

ImageRecycle is paid compression tool with a free trial account (a 14-day free trial with a 100 MB quota). One account can be used for on several websites and sub-accounts are free.They keep backups of the original images and PDFs for one month.

image optimizer, giftofspeed
Photo Courtesy- GiftOfSpeed

If you are using only PNG Images on your blog and wants to compress it, there is no other png optimizer tool you will find. The site is so simple to use, you will fall in love with.

GiftOfSpeed is not only a png compression tool but it is more than that. They offer many tools that any webmaster can use to test various dimensions.You won’t be able to see the difference with the eye but the file size will be significantly lower. You can compress up to 100 PNG files at a time with 6 MB file size limit.

Below are also another good Image Optimizer Sites you can use 

image optimizer, compressnow
Photo Courtesy- Compressnow

Compressnow works on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. Just choose your % of compression to get a good result. The site offers batch processing with up to 10 images at 3MB max each (versus 9MB per file for single file processing).

Compressnow works with GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG image file format. Just give a try, you will never disappoint.

Photo Courtesy-

Comparing to above image compression tools, is not so good. Then Why I Included Here? Just because one feature, you can download image optimizer on your computer and resize and compress your images with a single click.

  • It’s super FAST, Compress images in bulk, It’s Absolutely Free,

I tried this tool on many images, sometimes I got better results, sometimes not. But still, I thought, it is worth to give a try. They offer many compression levels and resize options.

image optimizer, online image optimizer
Photo Courtesy- Online Image Optimizer

This is another best image optimizer tool I found for you. Besides image optimization, you can select what output you’d like to be. Online Image Optimizer gives you multiple compression results for the same file. This is the unique feature, I think so.

The only limitation of this tool is that it only accepts images less than 2.86 MB. Otherwise, this is one of the best image compression tools.

I have done an in-depth search to find best online image optimization tools for you. Let’s hope, you will see my die-hard efforts. These compression tools will definitely help you a lot in Image Optimization.