Key Considerations Before You Convert Your Existing Company File for QuickBooks 2018
May 23rd, 2018 in QuickBooks |

A couple of months back, Intuit launched the latest QuickBooks version, QuickBooks 2018. QuickBooks 2018 is loaded with the most contemporary tools and features that are essential to meet today’s accounting and bookkeeping needs.

If you are planning to move the accounting system of your business to the all-new QuickBooks 2018 then, it is important to upgrade the company file(s) as well.

There are, however, several important and critical points involved in converting or upgrading the existing company file to QuickBooks 2018 that we will discuss in this blog post.

Key Points You Need to Know Before Converting the Company File

Before you start the company file conversion process, it is important to make sure that you have properly installed QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

After making sure that the all-new version of QuickBooks is installed, you need to consider these key points.

1-The Admin User Can Only Update the Company File

If you are the only user of the company file then, it already means that you are an Admin. Otherwise, in case of multiple users, you need to sign in to QuickBooks as an Admin to update the company file.

2-Never Upgrade Your Company File on a Network

It is never advised to upgrade the company file while stored on a network or a mapped drive.

If you, however, try to update the company file on a network, then, the data conversion can become vulnerable to threats, such as data loss or data damage.

It is, therefore, important to always save the QuickBooks company file locally on the system you are accessing from.

3-Updated Company File Cannot Be Opened in Previous Versions

Once the conversion of the company file is successfully completed, you will not be able to open the company file on the older QuickBooks version.

In case, if you still need access to the company file from earlier QuickBooks version, you need to create the backup of the company file and store it separately in the company file.

4-Enterprise Company Files Work Only in QuickBooks Enterprise Editions

It is a great business decision to move to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0 from earlier QuickBooks version of Pro or Premier.

It is, however, important to know that after the company file update, the company file will be accessible only from QuickBooks Enterprise edition and not from QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

What’s Next

If you want to have hassle-free migration to QuickBooks Desktop 2018, then, it is always advisable to embrace QuickBooks hosting services.

A QuickBooks hosting provider ensures that during the company file or data update process, there is no incident of data loss or damage.

Updating to the newer version of QuickBooks also needs an in-depth understanding of the requisite technical aspects of QuickBooks, such as system requirement and more. And, in a case, if a QuickBooks user is from a non-IT background then, updating to QuickBooks new version can be troublesome.

QuickBooks hosting provider, however, also have an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks and efficiently provide all-round support for QuickBooks installation, setup and company file conversion.

The Bottom line

If you are still left with any query on company file conversion to QuickBooks 2018 or want to get comprehensive support for QuickBooks 2018 installation, setup or QuickBooks hosting services, feel free to contact us.

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