QuickBooks Connect 2017: Innovation, Inspiration and More
May 23rd, 2018 in QuickBooks |

I have just returned from Intuit’s fourth annual QuickBooks Connect event held in California’s Silicon City and have amazing stories to tell.

To start, I will describe QuickBooks Connect as a perfect fusion of Innovation, Ideas and Inspiration.

By keeping innovation at the center stage, Intuit announced several key ideas and products that are designed to boost QuickBooks experience and ease-down daily financial activities of SMBs and CPAs.

After intriguing 3 days event and listening renowned account technology experts at QuickBooks Connect 2017, I can’t stop myself to pen down important milestones and ideas that were discussed in the event.

If you missed QuickBooks Connect event then, this blog post will give you detailed insights on everything that you need to know.

Keynote from Intuit’s CEO Brad Smith

QuickBooks Connect started with keynote speaker of the event, Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit Inc.

Smith started his speech by thanking small and medium-sized businesses who are creating 60 percent new jobs across the world.

He further said that SMBs have a huge responsibility towards future job creation and termed them the catalyst for bringing “exponential growth”.

In his speech, Smith acknowledged that entrepreneurs have no option, but to take the center stage and improve their business operations as per the market demand.

He said that SMBs should start questioning themselves about different business aspects and accordingly plan their business strategy for achieving sustained growth.

Smith gave three questions that every entrepreneur should ask themselves:

  1. What are your business values?
  2. What is your long-term mission?
  3. How you define success?

These three questions asked by Brad are really important if a new age SMB wants to achieve sustained growth.

Increasing Complexities in Financial Management

In the event, different problems pertaining to the financial management of SMBs were also extensively discussed.

In a discussion among different panelists comprising of QuickBooks experts from Intuit, fast-growing SMBs and CPAs, several shocking facts were discussed regarding the financial management of SMBs.

In one of the statements, it was said that around 64 percent small businesses have invoices that go unpaid. And, such incidents are confronting the future growth of several businesses in the United States.

QuickBooks Connect & Innovation

In the event. Intuit Inc. also came out with several innovative and startling ideas that are going to change your QuickBooks experience forever.

QuickBooks Assistant

Similar to Apple’s Sir and Amazon’s Alexa, QuickBooks Assistant is a chatbot or virtual assistant, that brings together natural language processing and data-driven insights.

This chatbot answers to every question that you ask regarding financial activities and transactions of your business.

With instant replies to all queries, you get answers to all the financial and accounting questions that impact future prospects of your business.

QuickBooks New Payment Gateway

Earlier, we have discussed that around 64 percent have invoices that go unpaid, and to answer this sad truth, Intuit has come with the new payment gateway.

QuickBooks new payment gateway will allow you to electronically create invoices that are payment enabled. Your clients can directly pay you via Credit Card or Netbanking directly from invoices.

QuickBooks Capital

QuickBooks Capital, programmed to provide easy lending to SMBs was also a hot-topic in QuickBooks Connect 2017.

Intuit launched QuickBooks Capital before the event, but it discussed its features and said that Intuit is all set to transform the lending experience of small and medium-sized businesses.

Rania Succar, chief of QuickBooks Capital said that QuickBooks users can get easy business loans directly from QuickBooks itself.

QuickBooks & Cloud Technology

Cloud technology and cloud accounting were also the buzzwords of QuickBooks Connect 2017.

Several business owners and CPAs said that they see future of accounting and bookkeeping in safe hands with QuickBooks hosting.

They explained the advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting to several renowned guests present at the event.

New age businesses described their experience of QuickBooks hosting and said that their data are much secure in the cloud server.

They are also getting much-needed features of mobility, flexibility and round the clock support by hosting their QuickBooks on a cloud server.

What’s Next?

It’s time SMBs owners and CPAs start working with new age technologies and empower their QuickBooks experience with enhanced features.

If you want to take your business to the next level and know more about QuickBooks hosting and cloud accounting, feel free to contact us now.