Successful Blogging Techniques
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Guide to Successful Blogging

Blogging has become a very broad and expansive part of the internet in our world today. Blogging can quite possibly be very marketable and also profitable for users whom are in the blogging industry and abroad. To profit from your blog site you must gain respect in your area of expertise or niche and from there grab the audiences attention and make sure you keep bringing the users back to read and comment on your content. Originality, Uniqueness and informative content is how you will achieve this. I will establish and present to you the most valuable ways I believe on how you can start becoming a successful blogger.

The Journey

Everyone participating in anything has to start somewhere, unfortunately in this industry you will undoubtedly start small and if you put time and effort into your blog you may become successful. Most small time bloggers will use free blog hosting services and this I think is a great platform for inexperienced bloggers and people whom are trying to get a feel of how the whole blog industry and system works. With an independent blog site you must have paid hosting, knowledge of scripts and plugins etc in order to provide a decent platform for your blog audience whereas here you can put your sole focus onto providing top quality content and all the back end technical stuff is covered. The main advantages of having a free blog hosting service is that if your blog does not become popular or successful you have not lost out. No costs incurred apart from the time you invested into writing the content.

Blogging for niche

Most bloggers today will target a niche, which is a specific product, service and or topics relating to keywords on the related items. Its important to choose a niche or target something which interests you so you can add personal experience and advice to your blogs content instead of writing about something that has no appeal to you whatsoever. Writing regularly is important in blogging and being able to have a niche which you are excited about makes this job a hell of a lot easier for you in the long term as you are not struggling for ideas as to what to write about. As long as the user audience is there for your niche you can write about it, blog about it and become a dominant force within your targeted niche. Remember you can blog and write about absolutely anything in the world, your daily life, work problems anything which can attract the attention of a following audience.


As stated above it is vital that your blogs content is updated very regularly, ideally you aim for a article, post daily. By doing so your blog becomes more appealing and interesting for your audience but in terms of SEO and search engines they love a fresh updating blog site. To have a successful blogging website post frequency and fresh content is imperative otherwise you will slip and your readers will not be coming back anytime soon. Setting aside time where you will focus work efforts on your blog do go along way and this will keep your readers in the loop of your niche and website thus returning traffic is high. If you do not make the effort your rankings will fall and traffic levels will take a steep dive for the worst.

Traffic and audience

To run and maintain a successful profitable blog you MUST have traffic and an audience that is willing to return to your blog on a regular occasion to keep up to date with your article content. With the internet growing rapidly getting noticed is becoming a harder and harder task day by day thus there are some options to boost yourself in terms of traffic. Advertising, Viral marketing, social bookmarking, twitter, search engine optimization etc all contribute to the levels of traffic your blog will receive. Submitting your blogs content to article directories is also a very big positive, the trick with article marketing is having the all important anchor links in the author biography part of the article. This creates backlinks for your blog. If your article is well written and unique and many people are linking to it or using it on their websites this is a huge bonus of article marketing. Links are coming from all over the web to your website if you have a successful written article on such directories and submission websites.

Keep track of visitors

Check your websites statistics on a frequent basis to analyze who is looking at what and how often, this is the simplest way to monitor your audience. Using tools like Google Webmasters and Google Analytics are very important for research purposes and how to optimize your website for better use and conversion. Keep track of what keywords are being searched and how users are finding your website on the internet by tracking what keywords are popular and getting the most search results you can now make the effort to target those particular keywords in a more rigorous fashion in order to increase your traffic and rankings. When writing blog titles make sure they are SEO friendly and highly keyword related so users can find your content easier.

The Personal Experience

Relating to your users on a personal level is highly important and being able to bring in real life experiences to your content is very valuable and provides the path where people can relate and interact with you and your blog a lot easier. Keep the interaction levels with your audience high creates a positive blogging environment and site which people will happily return to. If your readers are emailing you, I personally make the effort to reply to each email to engage on a ground level.