Thanksgiving Note to Intuit
May 24th, 2018 in QuickBooks |

Sustained efforts of Intuit to supercharge accounting and bookkeeping experience of SMBs, CPAs and accountants has inspired us to write this Thanksgiving note.

In the year 2017, Intuit empowered accounting and bookkeeping experience of millions of QuickBooks users. In this year, Intuit banked on technological disruptions, such as Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify complex accounting processes.

With the integration of these latest technological trends with QuickBooks, Intuit aims to simplify complex accounting and business functionalities of new age SMB entrepreneurs and CPAs.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the year 2017, Intuit has changed accounting and bookkeeping experience forever, and transformed overall financial and business management.

Through this thanksgiving note, let’s elaborately analyze and understand how Intuit changed your accounting and bookkeeping experience in the year 2017.

Before we Thanks Intuit for launching innovative QuickBooks products this year, let’s first thanks Intuit for giving us new and improved QuickBooks 2018 that has benefits for every QuickBooks users.

New and Improved QuickBooks 2018

Intuit in its earlier QuickBooks editions made specific changes limited only to certain categories of QuickBooks Desktop users.

This year, however, Intuit with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 made numerous enhancements, which are designed and customized to impact and improve accounting and bookkeeping experience of every single QuickBooks user.

Multi-Monitor Support

With all new QuickBooks 2018, you can customize workspace and enhance your overall productivity by moving QuickBooks Windows onto three computers. This update is available with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise 18.0 and Accountant 2018.

Payroll Liability Payment Reminder

This feature of QuickBooks 2018 reminds you and your clients about upcoming payroll liabilities. On the QuickBooks Homepage, you can see a red badge reminding you about upcoming payroll liabilities seven days prior the scheduled time.

Past Due Stamp on Invoices

With new QuickBooks 2018, you can now get visual confirmation that customer’s invoices are paid or not. This enhanced feature of QuickBooks lets you track all the pending invoices and helps in having updated financial reports.

Merge Vendor Records

Merge Vendor Records feature of QuickBooks 2018  lets you efficiently identify and merge duplicated vendor lists and records. You can identify active and inactive vendor reports to sort and merge duplicate vendor records.

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports

Now, with a single-click, you can toggle displayed financial reports between cash and accrual basis. The ability to easily view accrual reports helps you to take better financial decisions and the ability to view cash records helps you better your tax planning.

Search Chart of Accounts

The new search box integrated into Chart of Accounts window makes it easier to search and select different chart of accounts or subaccounts by typing account name, number or just a partial name of an account holder. This search box in Chart of Accounts is aimed to save your time and deliver accurate account details.

Updated Email Security

QuickBooks 2018 lets you securely send emails from Outlook, Gmail, and other emailing platforms. All new QuickBooks 2018 capitalizes on improved multi-factor authentication and Intuit ID account.

Mobile Inventory Scanning

This new feature is available only with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0. With the Mobile Inventory Scanning feature, you can accurately track inventories coming in and going out from your retail shop, warehouse or your manufacturing unit.

We are really Thankful to Intuit for adding these new accounting features in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop.

If you want to switch to the latest version of QuickBooks then, you can avail QuickBooks Hosting services from a reliable QuickBooks Hosting Provider.

QuickBooks Capital: Major Disruption in SMBs Lending

SMB owners usually struggle hard to arrange urgent capital for their businesses. Intuit understands this critical business problem of SMBs and, therefore, it has recently launched QuickBooks Capital.

QuickBooks Capital is aimed to provide easy lending to small and medium-sized businesses. Intuit has banked on AI and Machine Learning tools to analyze and understand capital needs of small businesses.

Through the integration of these technological disruptions, Intuit tracks cash flow of businesses and accordingly offers easy business loans. Intuit doesn’t rely on any financial or lending firms to finance urgent capital needs of SMBs. Intuit, in fact, is lending its own money to SMBs.

The Final Note

We are really Thankful to Intuit for adding much-needed accounting and bookkeeping features in QuickBooks 2018 and also for coming up with the disrupting idea of QuickBooks Capital to ease down SMBs lending.

Through this note, Techarex Networks wants to also thanks its passionate QuickBooks Hosting team. Its our QuickBooks hosting team that have enabled us to deliver customized and new age QuickBooks hosting services to numerous clients in the United States.