The Best Selling WordPress Themes Comparison
June 5th, 2018 in Wordpress |

Avada and X both are The Best Selling WordPress Themes Comparison. Avada is top selling theme while X is the second most popular best selling theme. Read our Avada vs X theme review to learn more about these professional premium WordPress themes.

Avada Vs X Theme – Which One Is The Best Theme?

Avada and X themes are top premium WordPress themes and the best-selling ThemeForest items. These themes are well-built, well-supported, and well-designed.

Therefore, choosing one of these themes for your web project is difficult. Luckily, we have tested these two themes for you and found a winner. But first, let’s learn a little about the two themes first.

1. Avada Theme – Download And Demos


Avada was created by ThemeFusion in 2012. Avada has over 349,450+ sales on ThemeForest. Here are its features:

Designs: Avada offers an unlimited number of designs. With Avada, you can build any style using the many colors and styles provided. It is easy to use and it gets rid of the need for multiple styles.

Responsiveness: customize your style for use on mobile and tablets with ease.

Fusion core: fusion core is Avada’s plugin. This plugin offers an easy to use page builder which enables you to design your own pages. Fusion core also offers a mega menu, shortcode generator, and fusion slider.

Integrations: Avada supports WooCommerce Platform. As a result, you can include content like landing pages, blog section, and portfolio to your design. Avada also works with bbPress Forums.

Font Awesome vector icons: Avada is integrated with Font Awesome icons which you can use with mega menus, shortcodes, social widgets, navigations menus, and social menus.

User friendliness: Avada provides easy to use tools that will help you create landing pages, sliders, and customize your theme. You can also download the content of one Avada’s demos to your website then replace its contents with your own.

Support: Avada provides support to users for every theme created. Users are given support from the actual designers of each theme.

Documentation: each theme feature is explained in detailed inclusive of step-by-step instructions.

2. X Theme – Download And Demos


X was created in 2013 by X has over 161,330+ sales. Here are its features:

Theme stacks: X has four theme stacks. These are templates that you use to build your own design. Each theme stack has a unique layout to fit your website needs.

Extensions: X comes with several Plugins which assist users in building sites. Some of these extensions include X-shortcodes, Google Analytics, Facebook comments, video lock, and slider revolution. Each plugin has a demo to help learn about its functions.

Customization: X offers front-end customization to users using WordPress Customizer. X’s Cornerstone also offers users with page builder tools to customize their sites.

Integrations: X supports WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress.

Fonts: X offers more than 600 Google fonts to use for your site.

Developer friendly: This theme comes with Photoshop PSD files.

Support: access articles videos from the knowledge base and learn how to use this theme. You can also access support by chatting with other X users on a forum.

User friendliness: creating your own design from the customizer is easy while using a plugin to create your own site is time-consuming.

The Test Comparison

Website Demos

Website demos are essential because they provide you with a foundation on which to create your own content. Both X and Avada themes have dozens of demo websites. However, what matters is the quality of the demos, not the quantity.

What is utmost importance is finding a theme with a demo that matches the kind of site you want to build. Both X and Avada offer unique demos with high-quality designs and the best thing is that You can very easily import any demo of your choice. The Best Selling WordPress Themes Comparison

Page Builder Tools

Page builder tools are essential in making design and content changes to the theme you have picked. The page builder plugin for Avada is Fusion while that of X is Cornerstone.

These are drag-and- drop page builders that allow users to customize to their posts and pages. They also provide a back-end user interface.

However, Cornerstone page builder plugin differs from Fusion because it provides a front-end user interface. This means that you can preview your page as you design it, a feature that Fusion does not offer.

Therefore, Cornerstone is easy to use, intuitive and fast making it ideal for anyone who wants to build custom website pages in the simplest way possible. The Best Selling WordPress Themes Comparison

On the other hand, Fusion takes the lead when it comes to importing several pre-built page layouts.

Customization Options

Both themes will give you enough control over the appearance of your website. Avada and X will help you customize your website’s header layout, content, global layout settings, topography settings, styling, and more.

While Avada offers back-end interfaces to its customization controls, X lets you customize the appearance of your website using WordPress customizer. WordPress customizer offers a live preview of the changes you make to your site. This makes the customization process easy.

However, Avada gives you more control over the appearance of your site by offering a lot of customization options.

Extra Tools And Third-Party Plugins

Avada offers 3rd-party slideshow builder plugins such as LayerSlider plugin while X offers over 20 third-party and custom-built extensions created by This makes X a multipurpose theme.

The extensions provided by X are optional but you may choose to use your own WordPress plugins instead of having them picked for you.

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User Experience

X offers a more user-friendly experience as far as managing and setting up your WordPress site is concerned. The great user-friendly experience is all thanks to the front-end user interfaces for its page building tool and customization.

The Fusion Page Options panel allows you to control how every piece of your content will appear. Avada is the ideal theme if you do not want to use the builders in building your own custom design.

Avada Vs X Theme – The Winner?

X is definitely the winner of the two because of its front-end interfaces. While Avada offers a lot of design options, X focuses on making the design process easy and fast.

However, that does not mean that you should overlook Avada. Explore the demos of each theme and find out which one suits the kind of website you want to build.