The Differences Between A Leader & A Boss
March 26th, 2018 in Content Marketing |

If you were to look up the definitions for leader and boss, they are very similar. However, a leader is someone who leads and works with their employees for a successful outcome.Whereas, a boss tends to do more hovering and waits for the outcome and either demand it is redone or checks it off as successful.

Below are several characteristics that distinguish a leader from a boss:

Leaders Lead

Bosses tend to rule and demand that the work is done. They will micromanage because they don’t have trust in the team to successfully complete a project. Bosses will also be very quick to analyze and criticize the team’s mistakes.

Leaders, on the other hand, are individuals who will assist their team with words of encouragement, ideas and suggestions, and positive feedback. They are not there to watch their employees fail but to help and lead them to a positive outcome.

Leaders Listen

Bosses will be quick to demand that tasks be done, but won’t be open to discussion or hear out their employees’ ideas. They expect them to just obey and listen and proceed with their job without mistakes.

A leader, however, is open to their team sharing their insights and questions. They are willing to advise and provide feedback to their employees. Leaders want their employees to develop and reach successful outcomes and are conscious that for that to happen, they have to be involved.

Leaders Learn

A leader is open to new ideas and learning from their team. They are not embarrassed to learn from someone in a position lower than them, as they understand there is always room for more growth. Not only are they willing to learn, but they also are pleased to teach. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with their colleagues.

Leaders Love

Leaders have a passion for not only their job but also, to see their employees succeed. They are not afraid to step down and get involved with the project at hand.

Being a boss can be a rewarding job if you take on the characteristics of a leader. Your employees will respect you more if they know that you are not there to scold and criticize every move they make. Yes, as a boss you are in a higher authority, but be sure to do so in a way that is constructive for the company and your employees.