Top 10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2018 – Free And Premium
May 30th, 2018 in Wordpress |

Creating contact forms with WordPress contact form plugin is very simple and easy, In this article Tahir has listed 10 Free and up to date Contact Form Plugins For WordPress.

A contact form is a very important part of any website or blog. WordPress is most popular and powerful CMS, which offers a lot of features but it does not allow you to create a form without using a WordPress contact form plugin.

To create contact forms you will have to install third party WordPress contact form plugin. There are dozens of free and premium contact form plugins available for WordPress. Some of them are very popular and used by millions of users.

For example, Contact Form 7 is the most popular free WordPress plugin to create contact forms. JetPack is one of the most popular WordPress plugin with more than 1+ million active installs. It also offers a contact form module.

Free WordPress Contact Form Plugin For 2018

In this article, I am going to list up-to-date WordPress contact form plugins. There are many other very popular contact form plugins available such as Contact form 7 and JetPack’s Contact module but In this article, I have listed 10 less popular Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress.

1. Jetpack Contact Form

JetPack is the most popular and widely used multi-purpose plugin. JetPack is created by WordPress developers and it has more than 30+ modules. Each module allows you to add a new feature to your website.

JetPack also has a Contact Form module. When Contact Form module is enabled, You can insert a customizable contact form anywhere on your site.

Download JetPack

2. Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder lets you create responsive contact forms with multiple templates and theme options. All form fields are editable and you can choose from 10 default contact forms to get started quickly.

Version 1.0.37 requires WordPress 3.4 or higher. You can create simple and advanced forms easily, form fields can be activated and deactivated as well as rearranged. You can also change the design with your own CSS skills.

Captcha and ReCaptcha word verifications help to avoid spam. For the specific IPs, it is also possible to use blocking IPs feature. The form has an integrating Google Maps feature allowing you to display the location of your office using Google Maps.

This free WordPress contact form plugin is available in many languages. A pro version is also available. Contact Form Builder is one of the best and regularly updated Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress.

Download Contact Form Builder

3. Pirate Forms

This is one of the simplest and yet easy to use WordPress contact form plugin. You don’t need to be an advanced WordPress user to use this plugin.

After installing and activating this plugin, you need to copy a shortcode and paste it anywhere (post, page, widget etc) you need a contact form.

To prevent spam comments, Pirate Forms supports ReCaptcha. With the SMTP option, you can be sure you won’t miss any email from your visitors. The messages will be safely delivered from the source to your personal e-mail address.

Download Pirate Forms

4. Contact Form To Email

With 40,000+ active installations, Contact Forms to Email requires WordPress 3.0 or higher and is compatible up to WordPress the latest version of WordPress. Plugin description reads that the main purpose of the Contact Form to Email is, as the name indicates, to create contact forms and send their data to an email address.

This free plugin lets you save contact form data into a database, provides printable reports and the option to export selected data to CSV/Excel files. It also offers built-in captcha and anti-spam protection, which means you don’t need to rely on third party services and add-ons.

The paid version is also available, which gives you more control over your forms.

Download Contact Form to Email

5. FormGet Contact Form

FormGet is an easy online drag and drop contact form builder tool. You can simply click on the fields that you want to add up on your form and your contact form gets ready within seconds.

FormGet Contact Form lets you manage all your contact forms using single dashboard. With 30,000+ active installs, this is another up to date WordPress contact form plugin. FormGet Contact Form Version 5.4.0 requires WordPress 3.5.0 or higher.

This free WordPress Contact form plugin lets you create simple contact forms, Feedback, Helpdesk, Booking form, Consultation service, Mailing lists, Survey, Job application, Workshop registration, Bug tracker, Wedding planner, Real estate applications and Online orders forms easily.

Here is a list of some awesome extensions that will be of great use to you.

  • Email Notification Extension: Get notified on form submissions and receive form entries directly into your email itself. You can add multiple email addresses to receive notifications on.
  • Auto Responder Extension: Helps you to customize auto Responder email for your user.
  • PayPal / Stripe Extension: Helps you to collect payment directly in your PayPal or Stripe account.
  • Custom Branding Extension: Helps you to upload form banner and background image and Remove all FormGet brandings (links and logos) from the form.
  • Export Extension: With the help of this extension you can export form entries into a .CSV file.
  • Download FormGet Contact Form

6. Contact Form Plugin

With 10,000+ active install, Contact Forms to Email is popular WordPress contact form plugin in this list. It requires WordPress 3.3 or higher and is compatible up to WordPress 4.4.2.

This free WordPress Form plugin allows you to create forms quickly and easily with drag and drop interface, you won’t have to code anything and your form will work right out of the box.

This plugin also gives you control over the design of your contact forms. The best thing about ajax contact form plugin is that you can easily send forms without reloading the page.

Download Contact Form plugin

7. Contact Form Clean And Simple

This free WordPress contact form plugin is a clean and simple AJAX contact form with Google reCAPTCHA support, Twitter Bootstrap markup, and Akismet spam filtering. Contact Form Clean and Simple offers AJAX enabled validation and submission for immediate response and guidance for your users (can be switched off).

This plugin Uses Twitter Bootstrap classes, Bootstrap is most popular CSS framework to build responsive websites. You can use the included stylesheet or switch it off and use your own for seamless integration with your website.

Spam is a big issue, and to avoid Spam Contact Form Clean and Simple scans all incoming data for spam with Akismet. This is a straightforward simple contact form plugin for your WordPress website.

There is very minimal set-up required. Simply install, activate, and then place the short code [cscf-contact-form] on your web page.

Download Contact Form Clean and Simple

8. Contact Form By BestWebSoft

This free WordPress Contact Form plugin by bestwebsoft allows you to implement a feedback form on your blog page or a post in no time. It is an extremely easy form, that doesn’t require any additional settings, though there are some available options.

Version 4.0.7 requires WordPress 3.8 or higher and is compatible up to WordPress 4.8. A pro version is also available.

All you need is just to activate the plugin and insert the shortcode [bestwebsoft_contact_form] into the text. There is also a premium version of the plugin with more useful features available.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft is most popular and Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress in this list.

Download Contact Form by BestWebSoft

9. Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder

With 30,000+ active install Contact Forms to Email is contact form plugin. It requires WordPress 3.1 or higher and is compatible up to WordPress 4.8. This one is not very simple contact form plugin like Pirates Forms because this plugin is loaded with 200+ Features and designed to create simple but powerful contact forms.

This plugin provides a control panel and short code manager to create and manage forms easily. This plugin is available in more than 30 languages.

Download Contact Bank

10. Contact Form 7 – Download Now

With 3+ million active installs, this is the most popular WordPress contact form plugin and the good news is that this is the absolutely free plugin.

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Dozens of additional add-ons available for this powerful free plugin, You can install add-ons to extends the functionality of this popular plugin.

Final Words

I have listed 10 Best & Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress**. If you need simple contact forms on your website, You can download and install any plugin of your choice.

Which Free Contact Form Plugin For WordPress do you use? Share your favorite plugin with us. Add your comments below.