Top 10 WordPress Themes For Entrepreneurs 2018
June 4th, 2018 in Wordpress |

WordPress Themes For Entrepreneurs 2018 Find a list of best WordPress Themes for Entrepreneurs to start and manage an online business, manage clients, accepts payments, schedule meetings and more.

If you are a new entrepreneur, or maybe you have been wanting to start a website of your own but are confused about it all then, you have come to the right place.

You might have great content on your site, but a lot of times you need to take that extra mile to get the attention of your audience.

But most of the time, these extra miles can often empty our pockets. The time has gone where free themes could only mean offering the most basic of features.

With WordPress it’s different. In the world of WordPress free no longer means half-hearted.

The following themes will change your word press experience forever.

1. Divi Theme Download Theme | Buy Hosting

Ever since this theme came out on the market this has been a user favorite because of its sleek and attractive design.

The factor that differentiates this theme from others is the security certification from the SuCuri team. This makes Divi a very trustworthy secured theme. Along with pre-setting layouts, its responsive role editor is a standout.

This theme not only offers translations in the most common world recognized languages, but actually, comes in about 32 languages making it great for online entrepreneurs. It has an entire section for mobile-related features which makes it very user-friendly.

2. X- Theme Download | Buy Hosting

The X is second most popular and best-selling WordPress theme of all time at ThemeForest marketplace. More than 162,553+ copies of X Theme has been sold since November 2013.

The X-theme has it all. It’s very flexible and totally stands up to all the hype floating around in the industry. All the basic features are included in this theme.

It is highly responsive, has great user support, and even supports woo – e-commerce. The best feature about this theme is the different stacks that give 4 different templates to its users.

It’s like having 4 themes in one with this feature. It even has a great visual editor. This theme has everything to help you create a great page.

3. ReHub DownloadTheme | Buy Hosting

ReHub Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Vendor Store, Community Theme

This is a great multi-purpose money making the theme for affiliate marketing. They keep optimizing it based on the latest theme trends. The filter panels here can easily be customized.

This theme has many advanced affiliate options like the comparison between prices, front-end affiliation, user submission pages, etc.

It’s highly optimized for smartphones. Its store locating function based on Geo My WordPress and product creator makes it great for entrepreneurs.

4. Entrepreneur – Booking For Small Businesses Download | Buy Hosting

This theme provides a great design and essential features for its users. You can easily automate your booking and schedule. It doesn’t matter what the size of the business is, it suits every business perfectly.

You can grow your business easily, charging for your time and services is also simple and easy with this theme.

This Pro theme has different great designs that help the users to keep the visitors on their homepages. This is a multi-purpose theme that allows you to easily import demos of your choice to quickly set up your next business website.

No matter what the theme of your website is, this theme will be perfect for you. The basic intention of building this theme to be compatible with electronic commerce. With this theme, you can easily start your online store.

This theme suits any device irrespective of its size. It’s fully responsive and easily customizable. The portfolio function is integrated into it as well. The structure of this theme is quite SEO friendly.

5. Presenter – Theme For Entrepreneurs Download Theme | Buy Hosting

The presenter is a WordPress Blog Theme meant for solo Entrepreneurs to present their business and services in a clean and efficient way. It has numerous functionalities instilled.

It’s very user-friendly. The theme is extremely colorful. It has classic features and a modern design. The theme comes with many effects that look very attractive during transitioning.

It has many features including intuitive Headers and unique Footers. The great visual effects that these theme offers are its USP. It does not have unnecessary slideshows, animations or clutter, just the information that you need, presented in a clean and minimal way.

6. Entrepreneurship Download Theme | Buy Hosting

Entrepreneurship is a great 3 column theme for entrepreneurs especially if running their business through WordPress.

This Entrepreneurship theme comes with loads of high performing functions and features. The layouts in this theme are very responsive and mobile friendly. And the best part! It can be easily incorporated into e-commerce sites.

It is also very easily customizable which makes it an ideal match for new entrepreneurs. And guess what? it is optimized for Adsense, it means you will earn more money.

7. Athena Download Theme | Buy Hosting

This is a very professional theme that is very responsive and is quite customizable as well. It’s great for business ideas that need a direction in terms of attracting new people to their websites.

It comes with front page Jumbotron which makes the marketing through it even easier. This theme is great if you want to build an online shopping site as Athena has all the necessary functions inbuilt. If you want to build your business online then this is going be your ideal theme.

8. Fashstore Theme Download | Buy Hosting

Access press is the parent theme of fash store. FastStone is WordPress fashion theme designed for creating robust and beautiful online store for selling fashion products like men’s clothing, women’s clothing, accessories, shoes etc

It can easily go up against any premium them theme. Here you can even customize the colors using CSS. The style of this theme is quite simple, yet elegant.

9. IAMSocial Download Theme | Buy Hosting

This is a free theme for small businesses owners and young entrepreneurs that provide the modern design with a slider and masonry layout for posts.

This theme has great features like custom layouts, free and unique templates. it is optimized for mobile devices. This theme will appear great on any device for any business.

10. Emmet Theme Download | Buy Hosting

It’s highly compatible with E-commerce websites this theme is very popular among its users because of the easy customization of the front pages that it offers.

Like other themes, this theme is quite responsive. The differentiating factor in this theme is the MotoPress content editor pro plug-in that is incorporated in it.

It also has other great features like video in the header, formats for adding tables for various pricing requirements, portfolio, etc.

That’s All

These above-mentioned themes will be of great help and will definitely make you a front-runner with your website!