Why Keyword Research is the backbone of SEO Services?
April 24th, 2018 in SEO |

Before starting content writing for seo services, first of all you have to focus what terms you want to be found. That’s why you have to spend some time to plan it accordingly. It is the most essential part of seo strategy. I will guide you the process of Keyword Research as stated below as per our seo company in India.

Meaning of Keyword Research:

Initial stage of Keyword research is to prepare a list of keywords you want to rank with seo services. Key phrases are called “Keywords” which are consists of multiple words. Long tail keywords are more specific but less common, which are more focused in your niche. Long tail keywords are more specific & they rank easily with lesser time. It is an essential part of seo services in India.

Importance of Keyword Research:

For optimization website you have to find out an effective list of keywords that have a good amount of average monthly search volume. For this you can take help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner. As a provider of organic seo services India we give huge importance in this part of seo.

Execution of Keyword Research:

3 main steps to proceed for Keyword Research.

  1. Set mission for your business:

First of all set mission of your business. Ask yourself who are you? What is main focus of your business? What is the specialty of your business? After that as a best seo company we set a best Keyword Strategy for seo of your Website.

  1. Making a Keyword list :

Create a list of keywords keeping in mind of your mission. Find out your targeted area of business & all relevant keywords which can give you proper business. You can use different tools other than Google Adwords Keyword planner. As a Top seo company in India we consult all these below mentioned areas to make a large list of keywords.

Yoast Suggests (https://yoast.com/suggest/) is a good tool for Keyword research where you can get lot of keywords & also long tail keywords to use in your content.

Google Trends:

You can also use a tool called Google Trends.

With this tool you can get keywords ideas & also compare them. You can also see the difference of geographical regions.

  1. Create landing pages:

Create landing pages with your keywords putting all of them in proper manner. The more specific your search term, the further down to your site structure. We as a provider of affordable seo services India, we create nice landing pages with proper page URL’s to index in search engines. The more no. of Valuable landing pages, the more to chance of ranking in SERP.

Types of Keywords:

There are main three types of keywords you can use,

  1. Focus Keywords:

Add fresh content in your website in regular basis which is a good practice for seo services. Google can understand that the website is active enough. If you increase content volume regularly with proper keyword strategy, there will be a chance of increasing findablity to your content. Focus keywords are the main keywords which you want to rank your website.

  1. Long Term Keywords:

Use long term keywords with main keywords. Also use LSI Keywords which are also useful when anybody search keywords in your niche. Long term keywords get less traffic but have higher conversion value as they are more focused on topic. But at the time of putting keywords you have to use all sort of above keywords to get effects from every corner.

  1. LSI Keywords:

LSI Keywords stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which are basically related to primary keywords. These keywords are similar in meaning with primary keywords.

You can find out these types of keywords with the help of some seo tools. I will recommend for  lsigraph.com where you can have lot of keywords from there.

Where to use LSI Keywords:

  1. You can use in content title, heading & highlighted words
  2. It can be used as Anchor text so that you do not have to use same keywords to avoid repetition
  3. Can be used as external link anchor text.

Now a day’s Keyword stuffing is a bad process for seo services. So avoid this with the help of LSI Keywords. It is a good step for proper seo ranking.

Use LSI Keywords for Off-page SEO:

  1. Use LSI keywords at the time of back linking
  2. LSI keywords can also be used at the time of blog commenting

Maintain keyword density 1-3% for focus keywords & also for other keywords. It is a vital point for on-page optimization for all seo company in India & abroad also.