March 19th, 2018 in PHP |

We all know just how important it is for businesses to have a website that delivers in looks and functionality not to mention the importance of security and speed. It enables them to display their products and services and puts them in front of the right audience. Of course, a major factor in the success of a website is down to the design but the way in which it is developed is also crucial.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language that comes with a huge number of benefits and that has resulted in it becoming used extensively across the world for the development of first-class websites that certainly stand out.

As websites continue to be developed and the number of websites grows, the use of PHP will also grow with it. The benefits of it are extremely attractive, so what are the benefits that make PHP such a highly regarded scripted language?

It is simple to use

When compared to other languages, the fact that it can be used and adapted efficiently means that it is the ideal choice for web development.

Better Control

Some languages require long scripts but PHP has the ability to carry out the same commands in a few short lines, providing ultimate control over the way in which changes are made.

It is Cost Efficient

As PHP is open source, there is no need for expensive software, which keeps development costs at a minimum.

High Level of Efficiency

The performance of a website can be enhanced if it is created using PHP. This is down to the fact that it is scalable when writing the code while offering a level of reliability that is required when handling many web pages.

Support is Available

Due to the fact that PHP is so popular, there is a lot of support available for it which means should any issues arise, problems are often simple to fix.

Multi-Browser Compatible

Regardless of the platform, it is used on, it can easily support all of the major web browsers, ensuring a superb level of usability.

Great Server Support

PHP also has the ability to support a wide range of servers making it the perfect choice for a wide range of uses.

It is fast

As it uses its own memory, there is a significant reduction in the workload of servers and loading times. This delivers an enhanced processing speed making it possible to reduce the time it takes when it comes to web apps.

High Level of Security

It offers one of the more secure ways of developing websites and applications. This is down to the fact that there is a security layer in place that prevents viruses and threats.

Fully Tested

Over the course of two decades, it has been used by millions. This means that it has been pushed to its limits whereby its capabilities have been proven and understood, making it a trusted option.

PHP is now used by more than 80% of websites. In fact, many popular websites have opted to use it simply because of the benefits mentioned above.