WordPress Plugins To Increase Traffic & Email List
June 12th, 2018 in Wordpress |

WordPress Plugins To Increase Traffic & Email List. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available for almost any type of WordPress websites. You can build more than 35+ type of websites with WordPress. In this article, Kate has listed 8 free WordPress plugins to increase blog traffic.

A website is a great platform to improve your brand’s identity while improving your business conversion rate and revenue. However, having an up and running website is not enough. You need to generate constant traffic in order to engage users and boost your sales.

WordPress is a great CMS that has a lot to offer, from robust content publishing system to optimizing your site for search engines. Today, where WordPress has a plugin for everything, plugins to improve your blog’s traffic is no exception.

You can easily find hundreds of thousands of useful plugins to drive and increase the number of visitors to your blog from search engines, social media sites etc.

Today, in this article, we are going to share a list of best WordPress plugins to push your blog’s traffic up.

1. All In One SEO Pack


All in One SEO Pack is an outstanding SEO WordPress plugin that enables you to optimize your site for search engines and generate constant traffic.

You may have seen this plugin listed in the list of the must-have and essential plugins on many different blogs. And why not?

All in One SEO Pack plugin has a massive list of SEO resources such as monitoring your site for SEO issues, auto-generation of Meta tags, support for SEO on custom post types and so much more.

All in One SEO Pack’s amazing features:

  • Allows you to check Canonical URLs
  • Comes with page analysis feature to let you check the readability score and another important aspect of your content
  • Lets you add Meta tags, keywords, title, and description right from your WordPress dashboard

Download All in One SEO Pack

2. Facebook Social Plugin

Social networking sites have become one of the best sources of driving traffic to your blog, thanks to its huge popularity.

There are various popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more. However, Facebook has outgrown almost every social site available today.

In fact, a recent study has shown that Facebook has managed to receive even more traffic than Google. The fact is impressive and so is the amount of traffic your website can receive from Facebook.

Facebook Social is an amazing plugin that automatically connects your blog with Facebook. The plugin adds a large box into your blog with an option to like your page.

Facebook Social Plugin’s amazing features:

  • Lets you display the total likes on your Facebook page and encourage new visitors to like as well
    helps you draw users attention to your Facebook page
  • Allows users to like your page without having to go to your page

The Facebook official plugin for WordPress adds Facebook social plugins to your WordPress site.

Associate your WordPress site with a free Facebook application identifier to enable advanced features such as automatically sharing new posts to an author’s Facebook Timeline or your site’s Facebook Page.

This plugin is developed by Facebook with extra support for popular plugins and themes, custom post types, and custom post statuses.

Download Facebook Social Plugin
Download FaceBook WordPress Plugins

3. PopUp Builder

WordPress Popup plugin

Pop-Ups are annoying but they are one of the best ways to encourage users to subscribe to your blogs.

Pop-Ups do work and Popup Builder is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to add a pop-up notification on your website to draw their attention to your daily or weekly newsletter.

The plugin has been proven to improve your email marketing efforts by 429% which cannot be overlooked.

  • create multiple popups
  • easily customize the design for forms
  • multiple themes available for pop-ups

Download PopUp builder

4. Page Builder By SiteOrigin


In order to increase the traffic, you need an efficient page builder which can build pages that are tacky and engaging. Page Builder by SiteOrigin is the plugin that will give you the necessary ammo to nail a perfect content page with columns.

This page builder can work with most of the free themes that empower you in all the possible way to build an appealing content page.

Let’s have a look on the features of this incredible WordPress plugin.

  • Page builder didn’t require any coding. A simple drag and drop console.
  • It supports live editing.
  • Page Builder also allows you to check forward or backward to check your changes.
  • It is a multilingual plugin available in 17 different languages.

Download Page Builder

5. Share Buttons By AddThis


Sharing website content is crucial to get traffic. Doing so by the right plugin can give you a huge boost in your website traffic. Share Buttons by AddThis WordPress plugin makes it easier for your viewers to share and spread your website’s content.

With its incredible custom setting, you can configure it in any of your website pages such as HomePage, Category Page, or all of them.

Let’s have a look on the features of this incredible WordPress plugin.

  • Custom setting for the position of the buttons, either on top of the post or below.
  • You also have the liberty to select which social media platform is to be displayed.
  • If you want, you can also show the number of shares counts. It is optional though.
  • It supports almost all the social sharing platforms available.

Download Share Buttons By AddThis

6. Google XML Sitemaps


Increasing organic traffic is always a tricky move. The plugin of Google XML SiteMap solves the crawl issues of your site. This plugin gives you the power to make your website crawlable by all the search engines such as Google, Bing or Ask.com.

It gives your website a perfect sitemap which makes it easy for a search engine bot to efficiently crawl your website and get plausible results.

Let’s have a look on some of its features,

  • It provides robust and complete XML sitemap for the search engine.
  • Being 9 years old, this plugin is highly reliable.
  • It is also free.

Download Google XML Sitemaps

7. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar


Fuse Social Floating Sidebar is yet another great plugin that makes your content shareable by your users. It adds a floating social bar to your posts or pages and lets your users share any content they find useful and interesting.

  • Floating Social Bar’s amazing features:
  • Extremely easy to use and integrate
  • Lets you add the buttons to a variety of locations
  • Blazing fast and lightweight

Download Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

8. WordPress Popular Posts

A web user tends to navigate away from a site if he/she doesn’t find anything else interesting on the same page of the website they are currently browsing.

Therefore, it is always suggested to provide your users with useful information or popular posts at the end of your every blog. WordPress popular posts is a great plugin to do just that.

It adds a list of popular posts on every post or page to make it easier for the users to find useful information without having to wander around.

  • WordPress Popular Posts’ amazing features:
  • Multi-widget capable
  • Comes with a custom-post-type support
  • WPML Support
  • WordPress multisite support

Download WordPress Popular Posts

What Are Some Best WordPress Plugins To Increase Blog Traffic

I have listed only 8 plugins to increase blog traffic, what are some other plugins, you use to increase blog traffic to your blog. Share with us.